A Golden Day . . .

When we have a ‘golden day’ we want to savor it . . . then share it with others. Tuesday was that kind of day. Not only was it a sun-splashed Florida day but there were other enhancements as well.
Early that morning I witnessed something quite incredible. A Comorant bird with it’s wings spread wide was sunning itself on the bank of a pond across from where I’m living. Nearby a gator was creeping with a predator’s stealth it’s direction. His eyes were on a light breakfast. Only inches from it’s demise, the Comorant leaped into flight . . . denying the frustrated gator a meal. (The gator would have to settle for some fish).
Next, at mid-morning when I opened my email for the second time I found a most flattering ‘Linkedin’ note. Dr. Shari is a syndicated columnist and a former student from my years at the beloved HHS. Anyhow, her kind words put a bright smile on my face–any teacher will tell of how the unexpected recognition from a student is a day-brightener of uncommon worth. Shari, thank you for remembering.
Later that afternoon, my daughter Erin called with some incredible news. “You won’t believe . . .” she began. Her husband was participating in a trial in San Francisco that day. He had called to tell her that he had seen something quite remarkable. Outside of the courthouse was a young woman reading a book durning a break for the trial. Jim was close enough to see the cover of her book . . . she was reading ‘The Sons of Marella Windsong”. Can you believe that! My book. Jim asked if she was enjoying the story and she said she was before excusing herself to return to the courthouse.
When my ego settled down, I went back to my email for a third time. The frosting on my cake came in the form of an inventory Amazon order for my last book.
But . . . that wasn’t all. For months I have been working on my next novel and it has been building some tension for the past several days. I’m never quite sure of where my characters might take me from day to day. Being near the end and wondering what will happen next . . . a light came on. Not from me, of course, but from my sometimes elusive Father Mickey Moran. He told me, as only he could, what was going to be coming next. Now all I have to do is tell it like he wants me to.
Now it’s late Wednesday morning and nothing out of the ordinary has happened. Mickey had taken me a few steps closer . . . but . . . I still have a ways to go. I can’t help but believe that a gold nugget is somewhere out there waiting for me to discover it. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. I’m hoping your day is as wonder-filled as mine are. God Bless . . .

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