A Meeting of the Minds

First, Happy Easter. I’m writing this blog after early Easter morning Mass at St. Anne Church.

Mid-week past, the officers of PJM Publishing held their annual luncheon meeting in Naples, Florida. In attendance were the Chairperson of the Board, CEO,CFO, Marketing/PR Director, and Chief Editor; all were dining with the author of several novels and children’s books, Pat McGauley. As you may already know, McGauley was talking to himself and dined alone. Quick translation: the author wears many hats. At the meeting the Chairman concluded that the popular website ( needed to be significantly modified. The Marketing Director’s report clearly indicated that website sales were not meeting expectations. It was unanimously decided that the ‘Pay Pal’ option for purchasing McGauley titles would be dropped from the site and Dedicated Web Services of Hibbing would be notified. In place of website orders, readers would be encouraged to patronize their local bookstores (listed below)or use In that Barnes and Noble has dropped the aspiring author’s titles, public pressure should be brought to bear on the popular mega-bookseller to reorder McGauley titles. As always, books may be purchased directly from the author (all books will be signed copies) at–simply identify your email as ‘book order’ so the inquiry is not deleted without attention. Or, Howard Street Booksellers in Hibbing carries autographed titles and will mail them out if ordered, in Grand Rapids books are available at the Village Book Store in the Central Mall, and my Virginia outlet is at Irma’s Finland House. Collectors note: very few copies of ‘To Bless or To Blame’ and it’s sequel ‘A Blessing or A Curse’ remain. No decision has been made whether to reorder and restock these popular novels from the Twin Cities publishing house.

Enough of that. Other news. My last title, ‘A Passage of Redemption’, has been nominated for the prestigeous NEMBA fiction award. The announcements will come in late May. This winter, I have been busy writing and rewriting my eighth novel under the working title of: ‘The Sons of Marella Windsong’. It’s the romance-drama-adventure baseball story I’ve always wanted to write. The story is kinda sequelish in that Father Mickey Moran is the protagonist. As I’ve come to know the unorthodox priest, I’ve come to enjoy how he leads me, so very naturally, into a story plot. As you might imagine from previous books, this author is a big Twins fan, so it would seem natural that the Twins play a major part in the story. Toward that end, the President of the Twins, Dave St. Peter, invited me to meet with him in Ft. Myers about the story and his role in it. Dave’s been super!

On another front . . . My daughter, Erin, is due to have her little girl any time now. We expect the baby to join us all in mid-April. I don’t know the name yet but I’m told it’s perfect–of course. My daily routine down here in Naples is something to be envied. After a few hours of early morning writing I walk two blocks to the beautiful Gulf beaches and wade and walk and meditate, then I do some biking, and then just hanging out. (Often I go to morning mass to try to maintain my most important relationship). I’ve been up to the TWins spring training site many, many times and met several players . . .including Tony Oliva. My grandson plays baseball so I’ve been to a few of his games as well. Would you believe that the most fun of all that I do is the writing? It honestly is.
When I’m writing I’m in a mostly fantasy world with people I enjoy who are doing things I had no idea they would do. Kinda surreal.

I’ve been following the NCAA Basketball tourney and was caught-up in the Florida Gulf Coast University Cinderella story. You can’t imagine the impact of that bunch of guys on the whole of SW Florida. You may know they made the Sweet Sixteen before losing to the heavily favored U. of Florida. My Gophers won a game in the tourney then fired Tubby Smith. I’m waiting along with thousands of Gopher fans to learn who will be hired. Opening day for the Twins is Monday in what will be a very cold Minneapolis against the AL Champion Tiger. My annual prediction follows: Twins will be under .500 with 80 wins, but that’s an improvement. Mauer and Hicks will win batting and rookie honors. Morneau will go to Toronto in a mid-season trade. Write back if you disagree.

Later today I’ll have an Easter meal with Erin, Jim, Jack and Jim’s family. Again, Happy Easter and Happy Spring and “Go Twins’ . . .
God bless . . .

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