A September Song . . .

For most of my life September has been the most special of months. Being a teacher, my years held two seasons–the school term and summer vacation. Labor Day weekend was always colored with shades of melancholy and expectancy . . . sadness that summer had passed and the adrenalin rush of a new classes to share my love of teaching with. Yes, love! If nothing else, I always brought a fresh energy and enthusiasm to each new year and found myself lamenting the graduation of each crop of seniors that turned onto another of life’s many roads. But, like this marvelous summer, that part–the teaching part– of my life has passed and my Septembers have been filled with fresh, although different, expectancies. I guess I’ve never really been retired. Let me explain. Each of my eight novels have been projects of approximately nine months from September to May–from the first awkward sentence to the final ready-to-publish manuscript. So, writing has replaced teaching these past twelve years. Ironically, my books take about the same amount of time as a teaching year and . . . a pregnancy. And, however corny it may seem to any woman who has experienced childbirth, a new book is like a new child in my not-to-be misunderstood scheme of things.
Speaking of which, very shortly another new book will be born. I’ve already blogged about the latest Moran family adventure and my ‘great expectations’ for it– but now I will have something tangible. “The Sons of Marella Windsong’ is with the publishers as I share this news today. Just the other night, my website maestro, Jeremy Hendrickson, added a ‘Coming in October’ page. (If you, or somebody you know, could use a professionally designed website, check my link or go to Dedicated Web Services.) As with ‘A Passage of Redemption’, Renee Anderson at Express Print designed a fantastic cover. Kudos to both Jeremy and Renee and to Gail Nevalainen and Sandy Bolf who did a super editing job.
And speaking more of which, there is a baseball substory in ‘The Sons . . .’, a Minnesota Twins element that blends my fictional characters with some of the real people in the Twins organization. If you know me you know of my passion for our beleaguered Twins. I continue to watch the games, study the box scores, debate the ebb and flow of the season with my coffee buddies, and try to find that ray of hope that next year will be better. I’ll admit that it has been another painful year, capped with the trade of my favorite player, Justin Morneau.
Finally, I hope that your summer was as productive and enjoyable as mine. Reflecting on some of my highlights: a wonderful family reunion at my brother David’s home, my fourth ‘Irish Fest’ in St. Paul,
a weekend outing at Dinter’s place on Crane Lake with the book club guys, a few book events across the Range, a few hundred biking miles, a couple of Twins games (both losses), a garden that offered marvelous blooms all summer, and time with Gail. This year my oldest granddaughter, Cali, began her senior year at Shakopee High, my grandson, Braden entered Kindergarten in Novi, Michigan. Noah and Madeline McGauley will follow their ‘big brother’ to school in the next couple of years. Each of my six grandkids are my greatest love in this life and I miss not seeing enough of them. In two weeks, I’ll make a brief trip to Florida to visit Erin and Jim and see my darling new granddaughter, Grace Ann, and her big brother, Jack. I have a wooden sign on my deck that reads . . .’Faith, Family, and Friends’–that’s what life is all about. God bless.

P.S. If you want to pre-order an autographed copy of my new novel–or purchase any others– email me from this website. (The book along with S/H is $18.00.) I hate to taint this blog with a promo, but please forgive my indiscretion.

  1. Margie HaanpaaMargie Haanpaa09-15-2013

    I would like to order a copy of Mesabi Trilogy. Thank you

  2. Mari SellarsMari Sellars10-07-2013

    Loved “A Passage of Redemption”. Can’t wait for ” The Sons on Marella Windsong”. Please put me on the list. Get paid Thursday so I’ll send the money up.

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