A Wonderful Life

On a day as lovely as this, I count my blessings–which I do every day, anyhow.  But, with temps in the mid-80’s and a radiant sun, I had to hop on my bike and go for a ride.  It’s only a few blocks to an access to the Mesabi Trail so its a no-brainer where to head–this afternoon I went west toward Kerr Location (a relic of our mining past) and Letonia just around the bend in the road.  Both locations had their day when iron ore mining was the lifeblood of the region.  It still is, but technology has changed it drastically. Like everything in our lives.  Then through Kelly Lake.  Here I think of hockey and stock car racing–the quaint community is a hotbed of both.  We have so much history up here on the range–even from my front window look out upon an overburden dump from the great Mahoning Mine.

The ride was leisurely and my Ipod was loaded with CCR, ABBA, and even Oak Ridge Boys music.  I know it dates me–so does the Neil Diamond stuff that I had mixed in.  I don’t know if pedaling and listening to music while contemplating a novel is multitasking, but that’s what I was doing.  Right now, Doppelganger, my next novel is being read by Jim Huber and Charlie Grant while Norma Grant does her superb editing–that’s five readers, each with unique and valuable insights for me to consider as I approach my final rewrite.   I’ve also got Renee and Jeff at ExpressPrint working on the  novel’s formatting.

Other highlights of this Tuesday–Mickey Moran would point out that June 5 is Saint Boniface’s Feast Day . . . while wondering through my flower garden I say my first purple Iris in bloom, some striking Colombines of yellow and violet, along with budding Day Lilies.  My back yard is like a park with trees, shrubs, and flowers galore.  It’s still early–just days past an overnight frost–but I love gardening.    Some bad news arrived this morning, too.  My week-old shoulder injury is a torn bicep and will require surgery. BUMMER!  That might interfere with my typing–don’t know yet. Also, this morning I ran into my old Czech friend, Jan Gadzo, whom I haven’t seen in ages.  We planned to get together soon–I came out of our chance meeting with one of his famous (Andrej’s) potica rolls.  On Sunday, Gail and I will be meeting Pete and Sandy Bolf, at Target Field to watch the Twins and Cubs.  Two of baseball’s worst teams will slug it out.  Tonight I’ll watch my beloved Twins (six wins in last seven games but don’t order World Series tickets yet) play KC and have a bowl of buttered popcorn and a Michelob Ultra for supper.  Hope all is well with each of you . . . God bless!

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