I’ll begin and end this post with a quotation that fits the purpose of the words in between.
“At best man is the noblest of animals, separated from law and justice he is the worst.” Aristotle

Living on the Range I am one of the thousands who read with great interest the ‘Hometown Focus’, an independent newspaper published in Virginia. I’ve always found its locally-written stories to be, not only a trove of regional history, but a source of information on things that are happening up here. The last issue was a testimonial to an old friend of mine who has recently retired. It brought back bittersweet memories. Together we served a governor whose Christian values touched us both.
As sometimes happens we allow cherished friendships to fade, yet never quite pass away. It’s been years . . . years in which we both have traveled different roads.
The honors attributed by those who knew him were well-deserved. In his personal address he focused upon his perception of ‘justice’ and did so with typical candor and eloquence. Other speakers echoed his tireless devotion to being an advocate of the disadvantaged, and fair-mindedness to all who faced difficult challenges in life. The only thing I found missing was the mention of his remarkable creativity and sense of humor.
We are both retired now, from different professions, but not ‘old men’ who have lost interest in the passions of our lengthy careers. I often wish we had an opportunity to sit over a cup of coffee and recall times past. Fun times and serious times and times when we failed each other; all the while knowing that will probably never happen. Alas, the years will continue to fly along as they have for decades and. although our paths may cross, they will do so with an easy smile and quiet hello.

“I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice.” Abraham Lincoln

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