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  • Our World: A Commentary

    Recently I came upon a list of the world’s top corporations–most of which are conglomerates that are umbrellas to a diversified network of other companies and brands. All are highly political major contributors to international causes dealing with everything from the environment to race relations …

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  • Retired Old Men

    It’s not just here in Hibbing but everywhere I’ve been . . . retired old-timers (men, I’ve observed, far more than women) are hard-wired to daily congregate at a local coffee depot. It could be Sporty’s downtown, Hardees, or McD’s here in Hibbing–but in similar …

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  • Thanksgiving

    In my mother’s heart, Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday, and a day that her four sons and their growing families never missed. Our Hoyt Lakes home always was a special place for all of us. I think that Mom’s spirit rubbed off on me. In …

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  • The Sacred Seal

    I just got off the phone with the store manager of the Duluth Barnes and Noble store. In past years I have had book signings in the Duluth store . . . but not this year! I am told that November is ‘filled’ with corporate …

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    Introducing THE MIDNIGHT HOUR

    The first book-signing event for my new children’s Christmas story was at Howard Street Book-sellers in mid-November.  Joe and Mary were hosting a customer appreciation night and my illustrator (Rhonda Roskos) and I joined the festivities. Among my many friends in attendance, Patty Miller stopped …

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  • Pat Rhonda

    Rhonda Roskos is a marvelous artist.

    My second children’s Christmas story rested in my computer for a few years.  Finding an artist (through my son, Chris) in Grand Rapids was the stroke of good fortune necessary to resurrect my tale.  Rhonda was afforded free creative license and the results were fantastic. …

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  • Saint Alban's Day

    Saint Alban’s Day

    Rejection…Revenge…Redemption… Three powerful themes in a story with sharp political and spiritual undertones. The Moran family saga continues with Pat Mcgauley’s sixth and most provocative novel of his series. Hibbing attorney, Amos Moran is torn by self-doubts and repressed fears. A political appointment has created …

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  • Mazral and Derisa

    Mazral And Derisa

    Miracles are the wonderment of a smiling God…His greatest pleasure in this world is His almighty creation. MAZRALAND DERISA  is a story about a mouse and a dove and one of God’s most touching little miracles. Parents no longer need to believe that a story …

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  • Santa the King

    Santa The King

    “Jesus and Santa are old friends…”Grampa told me. SANTA THE KING is a marvelous children’s Christmas fantasy that takes the reader from Bethlehem to the North Pole. King Melchior of Sheba gives the infant jesus his gift–and God gives the wise man one in return. …

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  • The Midnight Hour

    The Midnight Hour

    Once upon a time, very long ago, something strange and frightening happened at the North Pole. In Santa’s magical workshop, an unhappy elf named Nathan was misbehaving. To make things worse, Nathan did something very wrong… Something only an angel might be able to help …

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