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  • The Twins and me: been gone too long!

    It’s not that I’ve been lazy and negligent with my new website, and it’s not that I’ve lost my enthusiasm–I’ve been writing! Yes, writing for hours every day and loving every minute of it.   That’s an exaggeration–‘loving’–feeling a sense of achievement is more accurate.  I’m …

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  • Happy B-Day Edgar & other blather

    Today many celebrate the birthday of  Edgar Allan Poe.  Others might remember the 1977 Miami blizzard which occurred on this January 19.  Actually, blizzard is an overstatement of fact as you will learn if you click on the Writer’s Almanac–a link on this website.  And, …

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  • A new website is born

    Don’t know if ‘birth’ is the best reference to the event last night (January 5, 2012) but that’s when this website was launched to the public, ‘or came into the world’, if you will.   Inception occurred about six weeks before with an email or …

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  • Happy New Year

    It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m in Naples, Florida where it’s a balmy 78 degrees.  I just finished working with Jeremy Hendrickson on this website and we’re just about finished.  He’s good!  Earlier I did some writing, about two hours worth, and I’m still feeling …

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  • My seventh novel

    December 28,2011 For the past three weeks I’ve gotten into a writing routine where I’ve done something each day.  For the longest time I’ve had two stories almost at odds with one another.  I worked on both hoping they might mesh, coexist, coincide …or that …

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