• Happy B-Day Edgar & other blather

    Today many celebrate the birthday of  Edgar Allan Poe.  Others might remember the 1977 Miami blizzard which occurred on this January 19.  Actually, blizzard is an overstatement of fact as you will learn if you click on the Writer’s Almanac–a link on this website.  And, …

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  • A new website is born

    Don’t know if ‘birth’ is the best reference to the event last night (January 5, 2012) but that’s when this website was launched to the public, ‘or came into the world’, if you will.   Inception occurred about six weeks before with an email or …

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  • Happy New Year

    It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m in Naples, Florida where it’s a balmy 78 degrees.  I just finished working with Jeremy Hendrickson on this website and we’re just about finished.  He’s good!  Earlier I did some writing, about two hours worth, and I’m still feeling …

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  • My seventh novel

    December 28,2011 For the past three weeks I’ve gotten into a writing routine where I’ve done something each day.  For the longest time I’ve had two stories almost at odds with one another.  I worked on both hoping they might mesh, coexist, coincide …or that …

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    Introducing THE MIDNIGHT HOUR

    The first book-signing event for my new children’s Christmas story was at Howard Street Book-sellers in mid-November.  Joe and Mary were hosting a customer appreciation night and my illustrator (Rhonda Roskos) and I joined the festivities. Among my many friends in attendance, Patty Miller stopped …

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  • Pat Rhonda

    Rhonda Roskos is a marvelous artist.

    My second children’s Christmas story rested in my computer for a few years.  Finding an artist (through my son, Chris) in Grand Rapids was the stroke of good fortune necessary to resurrect my tale.  Rhonda was afforded free creative license and the results were fantastic. …

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  • Saint Alban's Day

    Saint Alban’s Day

    Rejection…Revenge…Redemption… Three powerful themes in a story with sharp political and spiritual undertones. The Moran family saga continues with Pat Mcgauley’s sixth and most provocative novel of his series. Hibbing attorney, Amos Moran is torn by self-doubts and repressed fears. A political appointment has created …

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  • Flag


    Angry and conflicted, eighteen year old Amos Moran had to run away. Not unlike another disillusioned Hibbingite who later became Bob Dylan, Amos became obsessed with leaving the northern Minnesota mining town to discover new life somewhere else. The misguided youth’s flight brought him to …

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  • the Hibbing Hurt

    the Hibbing Hurt

    In 1956, the ominous storm clouds of racial integration in the South seem far removed from the quiet streets of Hibbing, a remote mining community in northeastern Minnesota. Yet despite its relative isolation, an unimaginable traded happens here. A young black man disappears! Hate should …

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  • Mazral and Derisa

    Mazral And Derisa

    Miracles are the wonderment of a smiling God…His greatest pleasure in this world is His almighty creation. MAZRALAND DERISA  is a story about a mouse and a dove and one of God’s most touching little miracles. Parents no longer need to believe that a story …

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