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    Angry and conflicted, eighteen year old Amos Moran had to run away. Not unlike another disillusioned Hibbingite who later became Bob Dylan, Amos became obsessed with leaving the northern Minnesota mining town to discover new life somewhere else. The misguided youth’s flight brought him to …

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  • the Hibbing Hurt

    the Hibbing Hurt

    In 1956, the ominous storm clouds of racial integration in the South seem far removed from the quiet streets of Hibbing, a remote mining community in northeastern Minnesota. Yet despite its relative isolation, an unimaginable traded happens here. A young black man disappears! Hate should …

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  • Mazral and Derisa

    Mazral And Derisa

    Miracles are the wonderment of a smiling God…His greatest pleasure in this world is His almighty creation. MAZRALAND DERISA ┬áis a story about a mouse and a dove and one of God’s most touching little miracles. Parents no longer need to believe that a story …

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  • Blest Those Who Sorrow

    Blest Those Who Sorrow

    Secrets, deceptions, intrigue… Dark moods haunt Hibbing entrepreneur Kevin Moran. Tormented by the demons of his late father and plots to destroy his reputation, Kevin chooses to cut himself off from those he loves. Lovely and talented, Angela Moran, hides a disturbing secret of her …

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  • A Blessing or A Curse

    A Blessing or A Curse

    With sensitivity and skill, author Pat McGauley picks up the thread of his debut novel, TO BLESS OR TO BLAME. Mystery surrounds the death of Hibbing tycoon, Peter Moran. A city burns to the ground, a miners strike paralyzes the economy, women struggle for suffrage, …

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  • Santa the King

    Santa The King

    “Jesus and Santa are old friends…”Grampa told me. SANTA THE KING is a marvelous children’s Christmas fantasy that takes the reader from Bethlehem to the North Pole. King Melchior of Sheba gives the infant jesus his gift–and God gives the wise man one in return. …

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  • The Midnight Hour

    The Midnight Hour

    Once upon a time, very long ago, something strange and frightening happened at the North Pole. In Santa’s magical workshop, an unhappy elf named Nathan was misbehaving. To make things worse, Nathan did something very wrong… Something only an angel might be able to help …

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  • To Bless or To Blame

    To Bless or To Blame

    McGauley’s debut novel of the Mesabi Series is set on Minnesota’s fabled Iron Range during the booming early 1900’s. TO BLESS OR TO BLAME is the heart-wrenching story of immigrants seeking dreams and often finding tragedies in the promised land of opportunity. TO BLESS OR …

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