A Blessing or A Curse

A Blessing or A CurseWith sensitivity and skill, author Pat McGauley picks up the thread of his debut novel, TO BLESS OR TO BLAME.

Mystery surrounds the death of Hibbing tycoon, Peter Moran. A city burns to the ground, a miners strike paralyzes the economy, women struggle for suffrage, a lynching shocks Duluth, and the ribald iron ore hub of Hibbing becomes a town on the move.

A BLESSING OR A CURSE spans a quarter of a century of life on the turbulent Mesabi Iron Range of Northern Minnesota. In a story as powerful as its colorful characters, Mcgauely’s sequel blends tragedy and treachery, passion and romance, with his vivid imagery in a masterpiece of historical fiction.

Heir to a fortune, Kevin Moran grows up in a middle class West Duluth neighborhood without any awareness of either his biological father or the incredible wealth that awaits him.

Ambition, however, runs in Moran blood. The popular Hibbing attorney is determined to achieve what his unscrupulous father never did – political power! But Kevin’s love of beautiful Angela Zoretek demands personal sacrifices. Young Kevin Moran finds himself driven and torn – forced always to measure up to the name that might be his greatest blessing in life, or his ultimate curse!

A BLESSING OR A CURSE takes the reader to the forefront of fabled Mesabi’s robust vitality and into her shadowy back rooms of political conspiracy… from delightful promise to unexpected despair.

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