A Passage of Redemption

Of his three vows-poverty, celibacy, and obedience- Father Mickey Moran will violate the one most crucial to his priesthood.

After five years of waiting, McGauley readers are treated to a clever new adventure-drama with a sweep from frigid northern Minnesota to sunny southwestern Florida. Mickey Moran is a misunderstood and disillusioned priest in search of the passion that once inspired his calling. Brian Slade is a destitute young man searching for any thread of hope. The two men are a contrast in every conceivable way except in their appearance-they have a doppelganger link! A Passage of Redemption will rivet the reader with divergent themes of contrition, compassion, and liberation.

With a fast paced, colorfully depicted plot, A Passage of Redemption is a unique reading experience. No reader will be disappointed.

“Expressing greater patience and maturity than ever before, McGauley tells his most engrossing story of the fabled Morans.” -Syndicated Press: 2012

“The feel good read of the year. A masterful storyteller plys his craft with power and grace.” Duane Schwartz, award-winning author.

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