FlagAngry and conflicted, eighteen year old Amos Moran had to run away. Not unlike another disillusioned Hibbingite who later became Bob Dylan, Amos became obsessed with leaving the northern Minnesota mining town to discover new life somewhere else. The misguided youth’s flight brought him to distant and unfamiliar Flagstaff, Arizona.

Amos expected that a few months would bring closure to the emotional upheavals spurring his desperate getaway. He did not expect that a few hours would dramatically change his life. On his first Friday night in ‘FLAG’ he met a lovely coed named Sadie Kearney. Hours later, he witnessed a senseless murder!

With each generation of the Moran family, Pat Mcgauley takes readers to engrossing new depths. The Mesabi Trilogy whetted his devotees’ appetite for Pack Moran and the Hibbing Hurt. Now, with ‘FLAG’, he’s crafted a page turner that is certain to please.

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