Saint Alban’s Day

Saint Alban's DayRejection…Revenge…Redemption…
Three powerful themes in a story with sharp political and spiritual undertones.

The Moran family saga continues with Pat Mcgauley’s sixth and most provocative novel of his series.

Hibbing attorney, Amos Moran is torn by self-doubts and repressed fears. A political appointment has created tensions with his wife Sadie, who despises politics with a passion. Add a haunting telephone message from a psychopath who is determined to traumatize the Moran family. The drama builds!

Meghan Moran is a troubled, self-destructive teenager without purpose or direction-until something miraculous happens to change her life. Her sixteen year old brother, Mickey, possesses an untold spiritual gift which transforms the lives of all those he loves.

It is election year, 1994. Gil Renner has narrowly won the governor’s race and fellow Democrats are swept to power in Minnesota government. Instrumental in Renner’s victory, Amos discovers he has enemies determined to block the appointment he seeks. At the same time, Amos and Sadie confront a past episode that has tormented their lives for twenty years.
Filled with colorfully drawn characters-both real and fictitious-SAINT ALBAN’S DAY is a page turner crafted by an author who is intimately familiar with the landscape he depicts. “McGauley is a masterful storyteller!”

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