Tears by Pat McGauley

Gunshots ring out from a car parked across the street from Saint
Gerard’s Catholic Church in West Duluth, Minnesota—a
picturesque port city on Lake Superior. Four people go down.
From that drizzly July afternoon’s violence onward, the action
continues nonstop.
Author Pat McGauley’s eleventh novel is a thriller, combining
drugs and prostitution with the tragedy of good people making
bad decisions. Once again, an unconventional Father Mickey
Moran finds himself as much involved with the local police as
he is with his parishioners.
As always, McGauley is a master of drama. His diverse
characters are vividly drawn, and story lines are compelling as
are the backdrops for his story. Romance, heartbreak, deceit, and
revenge drive this timely page-turner of crime and its ultimate
consequences. Readers of his previous novels will be delighted
and entertained with the latest Father Mickey mystery; while
new readers will dicover a riveting work of fiction.
“Pat McGauley is an author who knows his territory, and
knows how to write a compelling story. It would be difficult
to find a more authentic literary voice coming out of
Minnesota’s North Country today.”

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