The Last Moran

cover-the-last-moranSometimes what seems to be an innocent lie can mushroom into
something with distressing consequences. And sometimes that
very same lie can inspire a series of events that will transform the
lives of many people in positive ways. So it was with Mary
Reagan’s well-intentioned, but misguided deception. Mary’s son,
Michael, has grown up believing that his father was a war hero
who lost his life in Iraq—but was he really? When the hidden truth
is finally revealed, the boy, the mother, and the real father will
open their souls with all the emotion that make us human.

Pat McGauley’s ninth novel is written with passion, humor and
narrative force. The Last Moran weaves two love stories in a
page-turning masterpiece that will take the reader on a ride from
Minnesota to Florida and back again…with Father Mickey Moran
back in the thick of a confounding circumstance of his own making.

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