The Sons of Marella Windsong

the-sons-of-marella-windsongMarella Windsong is a single mother raising twin sons who are as opposite
as night and day. Trevor is night– a brooding teenager and a driven
athlete with a vein of recklessness and sudden rage. Travis is day–a
sociable, easy-going and academically inclined young man with a
fondness for computer-gaming. The fraternal twins were born with the
unique psychic phenomena of ‘twin telepathy’: a transference connection
whereby if either one feels physical or emotional pain the other has
a simultaneous and nearly identical experience.
A near-death tragedy results in a reconstructive surgery that will change
Trevor’s life in ways that will reorder the lives of all those he has
allowed to get close to him. His radical surgery, however, turns out to
be an unexpected gift . . . an ability that comes to the attention of the
Minnesota Twins management team.

McGauley’s eighth Moran family novel highlights the colorful Duluth
priest, Father Mickey Moran, orchestrating another wild but believable
escapade. At the same time, Mickey continues to struggle with his
vocation and cope with a challenge that will take a miracle to overcome.
The lives of Mickey and Marella Windsong become interwoven with a
mixture of real and fictional personalities that will delight Twins
baseball fans.

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