To Bless or To Blame

To Bless or To BlameMcGauley’s debut novel of the Mesabi Series is set on Minnesota’s fabled Iron Range during the booming early 1900’s.

TO BLESS OR TO BLAME is the heart-wrenching story of immigrants seeking dreams and often finding tragedies in the promised land of opportunity.

TO BLESS OR TO BLAME ¬†unfolds lives intertwined through the bizarre manipulations of ambitious Peter Moran. Ruthlessly driven by his lust for power, the flamboyant entrepreneur dominates life in the rowdy mining hub of Hibbing. Ultimately Moran’s elegant hotel becomes the city landmark and testimony to his callous disregard of anything standing in his path. To Peter, wealth was power; power was edge’ the edge was making his own rules… until ambition threatens to upset his formidable empire.

An innocent victim of a strikebreaking scheme, Slovenian immigrant Tony Zoretek is destined to rise above the adversities he is powers to contra and achieve success, respect, and maybe… the love of a woman Peter Moran desires as his own.

Beautiful Mary Bellani is a romantic and a dreamer. Only seventeen, she follows her Italian countryman, Michael Samora, to Minnesota with her unbreakable promise of marriage. After her husband’s tragic death, however vivacious widow is pursued by Hibbing’s two most compelling and powerful men.

TO BLESS OR TO BLAME ¬†is a story of treachery and violence, courage and passion, tenderness and love. From miners’ strikes to baseball games, the Mesabi Iron Range provides a unique backdrop of frontier spirit, ethnic Americana, and historical sweep.

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