The life of Father Mickey Moran is neither mundane nor conventional by any measure. Once again Minnesota author Pat McGauley’s colorful priest is confronted with the unexpected, and once again finds himself a center of controversy, at odds with his bishop, and suffering an inner hurt. This combination of events forces him to question the meaning of life.

Personal and family struggles have always been the underpinnings of McGauley’s stories now covering five generations of the Moran family of Hibbing, a mining town in northeastern Minnesota. TWELVE is two stories in one: Both a crisis in the life of a priest and the challenges of an aspiring author. Both converge in a story packed with tests of honesty, courage and liberation. Father Mickey, and retired teacher Paul Martin, each have issues seeking elusive resolutions.

Behind each of these men there is a woman and a secret that needs to be revealed then resolved. For Mary it is her relationship with Father Mickey-the mother of her son: For Claire Burns it is her troubling love of an ailing man. In TWELVE, the author returns to where it all began more than a century ago; with a blend of drama, history, romance, and a human tragedy. McGauley’s readers will not be disappointed in his most powerful novel yet.