Mickey decides that in order to ‘find himself’ he must leave the priesthood in order to discover what he has been waiting to happen for most of his adult life. Waiting has been the drawback to his taking the most substantial risk he’s ever taken. His vow of obedience, however, will put him on a collision course with his bishop. Yet Mickey’s innate love of freedom is a passion that cannot be dismissed. WAITING is a story with unexpected twists at every turn. Ultimately, Mickey’s journey becomes a disaster of unforeseen events from which he may never fully recover. McGauley skillfully spins his web with familiar characters whose lives are forced to change just as Mickey’s must—there is Mary Reagan, the mother of his son Michael, along with family and other friends from his checkered past. Ultimately he must choose between his undeniable love of Mary and his commitment to the priesthood. The psychological thriller is the author’s most engaging story—it’s ending will please or . . . disappoint his many readers.

Available November 1, 2018.