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I wish I could describe the thrill of writing a new story . . . but I can’t. And me being a writer? Perhaps ‘thrill’ or excitement works well enough. While writing, every day is a new adventure. I truly don’t know where the story will go that day . . . nor where the characters will take it. On some episodes I have a preconceived idea, but mostly I am as excited as if I were reading the story for the first time. And, I guess I am! My new story–‘The Sacred Seal’–took me four months to write and another month to rewrite. Rewriting is tedious because I already know what’s going to happen. Each ensuing rewrite–after two readers and an editor have critiqued the story– is even more tedious. (I am very grateful to Rich Dinter and Jim Huber who spent hours of their valuable time to read and offer valuable insights to my story, and Gail Nevalainen for her patient editing).
Things taken for granted by the reading public must be taken care of in a timely manner: filing for a copyright from the Library of Congress, purchasing and ISBN identification number, getting listed in ‘Books in Print’, purchasing a barcode, connecting with my distributor in Michigan, getting into the corporate Barnes and Noble system, and a listing with Amazon books, etc.
The project which began in January is ready for formatting in September. Here Renee Anderson–at Express Print in Hibbing– does her magic. I give her a cover concept and she designs it. Ever cover has been exceptional and the new one might even be better than all the others. Anyhow, Renee does the formatting so that the files can be sent to the publisher. Although somewhat stressful, all that has occurred so far is nothing compared to what lies ahead: the PR and marketing madness! (As I write this blog, my publisher has told me that the book will be available in late October).
Sales are the most critical part of the process because that revenue from one book enables me to publish the next one–I’ll need about $4000 to cover any new story that might come up. Sales require a series of press releases, vender outlets, book events, craft fairs . . . anyplace where I can sell a book. The challenge is that I must accomplish everything before Thanksgiving because I leave for Florida at the end of November. (In Florida I will do much the same as I’m doing here in Hibbing, and across the Range, as I’m beginning to establish a readership there as well). Patience, I must confess, is not one of my virtues.
Wish me luck!
If any of you would like to purchase a copy of my new book you can pre-order by sending me a check for
$18.00 and I’ll send it off to you as soon as I have the copies available. Otherwise, I’ll be out and about throughout Minnesota during the month of November. As soon as I have my calendar of events worked out I will publish it on my next blog. Or, if things work out as I hope they will, you’ll find my events in your local newspaper. Now, if you really want to give me a boost, ask your local bookstore to get copies of my books–all of them, but especially the new title. Also, I’ll be sharing what ‘The Sacred Seal’ (a murder mystery set in Duluth) is about. Yes, if you are one of my readers, Father Mickey will be heading up the cast of characters.
Lest I forget, my address is: Pat McGauley, 2808 5th Ave. W., Hibbing, MN 55746
Have a great day and God bless.

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