Yesterday’s post came on a ‘blue’ day and I apologize if i came across as negative. Writing for me is a great joy but elf-publishing my work is no fun at all. Nor is marketing. That aside, I really like my latest noveL. At times I became so absorbed in the Moran family saga that four hours would pass and three thousand words were added to the text. WAITING, if all goes as I hope it will, should be published in the fall.
I cannot emphasize enough how much my faithful readers mean to me. It is a blessing to get an email, or a positive comment on this page from someone who has read every one of my books. When I have my first few book-signings I can predict who will be among the first in line for the new title.
At the moment I am waiting on my first reader’s critique and am anxious to get back on the project. Waiting for an impatient person like myself makes for long days. Fortunately, this week will be busy with the Independence Day activities and the Hibbing Jubilee on the weekend that follows. My daughter Erin and her two kids (Jack off to college this fall and Grace begins kindergarten) will be visiting here and then over to Cohasset to see her brother’s (Tiffer, Susan, Braden, Noah and Maddi) family before heading back to the Cities and then Naples. Shannon and Cali will visit us in August. In between Gail and I will visit her daughter and her new little girl, Daphney.
So, this morning I am counting my many blessings: family, friends, and faith. And I’m home for the summer. Home is truly where the heart is and, despite it’s obvious decline in recent years, Hibbing is home. And Hibbingites are among the best people anywhere. Take a moment on this gloomy Sunday to count your own blessings . . . we tend to let them gather the dust of time. Memories are our treasures. God bless.

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