I’m beginning to understand how Noah must have felt as his ark was lifted from the earth onto an endless sea.  Perhaps, I am exaggerating a tad, but not much.  My Minnesota ‘welcome  home’ has been cool, and gray, and wet.  Perfect weather for my fourth or fifth rewrite of Doppelganger.  At this point I’m editing (typos and grammatical errors) tweeking and embellishing.  I’m at 85,oo0 words and might have to do some cutting back in the next (and I hope, final) rewrite–about 82,000 is standard length.  By now I should be bored out of my mind with the story and characters but I’m not–not at all.  They are still inspiring me and it’s not a major chore to get at the story every morning at about 5 or 6 AM and bang away for three hours or so.  I find myself examining each and every word which is tedious. I’ve taped a reminder above my MacBook: ‘Don’t overwrite–Keep it simple’. At times I’m breaking my own rules but I still find myself getting carried away–rather, I still find my characters getting carried with me in tow.  The two readers of my preliminary ‘rough draft’ have been very encouraging.  Being an impatient personality, I’m at a stage where I should be cutting corners to get to the finish line but I want this story to provoke and entertain and warm a heart or two.  By my next post I will probably be sending the manuscript out for final editing.  If my calculations are accurate, an autumn publication is likely.  I’m shooting for mid-September.  More on Doppelganger later.

I remain an avid Twins fan despite the dismal start to their 2012 season.  Earlier I made what, in retrospect, seem to be the most ludicrous predictions I have ever shared with another person.  (Willingham and Doumat, however, are very capable replacements for Cuddyer and Kubel–Terry Ryan did well with those two).My optimism has been dashed, trampled, and washed away–kinda like my flower garden.  Yet, as of this afternoon, they have won five of their last six.  Hope spring eternal!  Tonight I’ll watch the Twins/White Sox–my favorite rivalry.  I’ve got tickets for the Twins/Cubs on Sunday, 6/10, at Target Field.  Two of baseball’s worst terrible teams will do battle.

Finally, I hope to add about 1000 miles on my touring bike this summer, and enjoy one of HIbbing’s finest flower gardens–my back yard.  I some new perennial additions to watch and lots of old favorites to tend to.  I might even add a blog to this site once a week.  That’s what I intended to do from the start.  Have a great day and God bless.

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