From Florida

Friends. My March 6th has been wonderful and I hope your TGIF day is going as well. I have a long weekend and thought it would be nice to post something as I haven’t done so in a long time. (I’ve had long weekends for nearly fifteen years but I never get tired of them.)
I’ve been in Florida (Naples) since mid-December. As some of you know I purchased a little mobile home in a place called Naples Land and Yacht Harbor which is only minutes away from downtown and the Gulf beaches–i can bike there in twenty minutes. And I do nearly every day. I simply love my new Florida home and winter retreat: It’s roomy and comfortable in every way. My daughter Erin did a good job in finding it for me and spending hours to make it ‘homey’. It’s great to be near both her and my two grandkids–Jack is fifteen (has his driving permit) and Grace will be two next month. Grace is without a doubt the cutest little girl in Florida–and smart.
I’ve settled into my winter routine of writing nearly every morning for 2-3 hours and am well into my tenth novel–it’s a murder mystery and has been fun to create. Yes, Father Mickey is involved. Today I rolled over 62,000 words so I’m more than half through the story. I’m getting an idea about how it might end and I’m excited to see if I’m right. Along with the writing, biking, beach-walking,and enjoying my new neighbors, I’ve been doing some gardening, painting, and making the property look good. I put in a little patio last week. My daughter, Shannon was down to visit for two weeks and my friend Dick will be down next week for a visit. He’s got a place for the month of April.
I’ve been up to Fort Myers–the Twins spring training site–three times so far and have tickets for two more games. The remodeled stadium is spectacular! And, the new team, is going to surprise a lot of people this year. I’m really, really, optimistic. Playoffs again. Also saw the Gopher baseball team play a local college last week–they swept FGCU. I golfed for the first time yesterday–with my Minnesota friend Ken. Life is good! Mostly . . .
Part of the reason for my decision to purchase a place down here is because of the weather (and my aversion to northern Minnesota’s winters) but also to support my daughter Erin who is going through a nasty divorce. Nobody wins in a divorce. All I can do is pray that at some point things will soften and both will be able to do what’s best for little Grace. The trial is scheduled for next week, I hope you will pray for all involved.
Tiffer has a new job and likes it very much. He has a sales position with his cousin Kevin’s company and will be able to live in northern Minnesota after several years of moving his family around the country. I have been blessed with faith, family, and friends. My special friend, Gail, has just learned that she is going to become a grandmother for the first time. Congrats to Charla and Josh. And, thanks to Gail for keeping the home fires burning.
My grandson, Jack, is playing for the Community School varsity baseball team (he’s just a freshman) and he has a game tonight. I’ll be cheering him on tonight and my Twins of Sunday afternoon. God bless you all.

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