Gee It’s great to Be Back Home Again . . .

. . . it feels like I’ve found a long lost friend.
I left Florida in mid-April amidst a string of record-setting days in 90’s — with humidity it was too much for a Minnesota kid. I did bring back a rough draft of my next story and have been working on the re-write every day. It’s been tedious but I’m feeling better about the changes. Enough said for now.
Being home is a state of mind. Believe me that after palm trees and smooth streets and new construction everywhere, Hibbing fails to impress. It’s not just the aging process, it’s the demographics. Buildings are being torn down and new ones aren’t being built. Yet when summer blooms these things don’t seem to matter. I only hope it is summer when we can enjoy get-togethers, our lakes, and all the things that make a Northern Minnesota summer like nowhere else I’ve been. Until then, however, stay safe.
In the back of my thoughts, I’ve been wrestling with something that I go back and forth with. I love my little place in Florida and there are days when I can see myself there for months every winter. Then there are days when I feel that Minnesota is home and I miss the winters that have been a part of my life since childhood. The market for sales there is hot, here not so much. I could use the money to do some upgrades here, and travel. I don’t have too many years left and there are places I’d like to see. Another factor is that when I’m gone for months I leave Gail with all the work of keeping up the house and moving the snow. It’s not fair. She’s not built for snow like we had up here last winter . . . and she’s just retired. I’ve had trouble deciding the path to travel. Florida is more healthy for me — I can bike and hike and comb the beaches. And the snow can become monotonous.
I’ve spent some time in my backyard flower garden and realized that all the cleanup has given me a sore back and a sore everything. I hate to admit it’s becoming a chore. And I still have about 3 bags of Miracle-Gro and 6 bags of mulch to spread. Yet I still get a thrill out of watching the perennials poke through the ground. And the plethora of color in the summer is redemptive. Writing and gardening. I haven’t even found it a problem to be homebound through the pandemic.
I’m looking forward to upgrading my website so that friends and readers can make a better connection with me. I do enjoy talking about my stories — even the things people don’t like. Feedback is important and inspiring. If I get comments through the site I know I will do much more blogging. Not just about my books but about life in general. That includes politics and religion. So, lets try to make it work. Until next time . . . Pat.