Greater Mesaba Men’s Book Club (GMMBC)

EGreater Mesaba Men’s Book Club

Front row: Pat McGauley, Ed Beckers, Keith Wright, Back row: Roger Saccoman, Jim Huber, Paul Dorsher, Bob Ivanca, Rich Dinter, Al Zdon

Our group of literary gentlemen has a rich history dating back to a first meeting at Pat McGauley’s house in Hibbing. That historic date, for those who are into the history of literature, was November of 1977. In attendance Pat, Ed Beckers, Keith Wright and Brian Rank, Keith’s intern at the time. We discussed Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes. Our first ‘official’ book selection was ‘In Dubious Battle’ by John Stienbeck. Over 34 years, we have had a core group of members and several others who have been in our company and out again. Our current membership includes: Ed Beckers (Titular Head), Pat McGauley, Keith Wright (our Iowa connection), Rich Dinter, Paul Dorsher (St.Cloud), Roger Saccoman, Jim Huber, Glenn Jackola, Craig Holgate, Bob Ivanca and from the Twin Cities is former Hibbingite Al Zdon. We have lost three of our esteemed members and remember them always; David Johnsrud, Colin Isaacson, and Charley Grant. We continue to meet monthly and rotate the book selection and hosting responsibilities. On our annual calendar are weekend social events in the spring at Dinter’s Crane Lake place and in the fall at Dorsher’s lake place near Emily. On one occasion we opened our meeting to non-members, among them were several well-read and respectable  women. That event proved to be both traumatic and volatile.  Such fraternizations have not occurred since. The GMMBC is a quasi-secret society and further information must come from a quorum of the executive board or from the Exalted Edward L. Beckers when his memory allows.

For the very first time ever, I have been authorized to share a list of the books we have read and discussed over the years. The list will be updated periodically.  A side note.  (Syndicated Press is an adjunct of Shamrock Books which is a division of PJM Publishing House of Minnesota.  SP is a literary reviewing vehicle used by this author to promote books in the manner of Kirkus and others.  It has no legitimate corporate or other standing.)


001 In Dubious Battle John Steinbeck Pat McGauley
002 Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand Brian Rank
003 The First Circle Alexander Solzhenitsyn Keith Wright
004 The Dogs of War Fredrick Forsythe Ed L. Beckers
005 Magister Ludi Hermann Hesse Pat McGauley
006 The Book of Daniel E.L. Doctorow Mike Earheart
007 Portrait of the Artist James Joyce Brian Rank
as a Young Man
008 Thornbirds Colleen McCullough Ed L. Beckers
009 Grendel & Eaters of John Gardener & Mike Earheart
the Dead Michael Crichton
010 Andersonville MacKinley Kantor Keith Wright
011 Advisory in the House Irving Stone Pat McGauley
012 The Winds of War Herman Wouke Ed L. Beckers
013 The Once and Future T. H. White Bill Wilson
014 The Book of Merlyn T. H. White Bill Wilson
015 Giants in the Earth O.E. Rolvaag George Edaburn
016 Ordinary People Edith Guest Mike Earheart
017 Babbitt Sinclair Lewis Keith Wright
018 The Honorable John LeCarre George Podrog
019 Too Late the Alan Paton Pat McGauley
020 Mortal Friends James Carroll Ed L. Beckers
021 Another Roadside Attraction Tom Robbins Al Zdon
022 The 42nd Parallel John Dos Possos Keith Wright
023 Chesapeake James Michener Bill Wilson
024 War and Peace Leo Tolstoy Jerry Iwerks
025 The Centaur John Updike Jack Harris
026 The Snow Leopard Peter Mathison Paul Erickson
027 Lord Jim Joseph Conrad Ed L. Beckers
028 The Glory and the Lightning Taylor Caldwell Keith Wright
029 Player Piano Kurt Vonegutt, Jr. Pat McGauley
030 SSGB Len Deighton Fred Von Lang
031 The Third World War Sir John Hackett Al Zdon
032 Salem’s Lot Stephen King Ed L. Beckers
033 A Bend in the River V.S. Naipaul Jack Harris
034 The Human Factor Graham Green Keith Wright
035 The Executioner’s Song Norman Mailer Jerry Iwerks
036 Wind, Sand, Fire Antoine de St. Exupery Dave Blomberg
037 The God Maker Frank Herbert Rich Dinter
038 My Name is Asher Lev Chaim Potok Pat McGauley
039 Fanny and Zooey J.D. Salinger Gregg Rochester
040 Tender is the Night F. Scott Fitzgerald Glen Jackola
041 The Trial Franz Kafka Glen Jackola
042 All Things Bright James Herriot Ed L. Beckers
and Beautiful
043 The Book of the Dun Cow Peter Wagerin Al Zdon
044 On the Road Jack Kerouc Al Zdon
045 Birdy William Wharton Bill Wilson
046 Lady Chatterly’s Lover E.H. Lawrence Ed L. Beckers
047 The Ox-Bow Incident F. Van Tilburg Clark Ed L. Beckers
048 A Farewell to Arms Ernest Hemingway Keith Wright
049 Summer Before the Dark Doris Lessing Keith Wright
050 Trinity Leon Uris Pat McGaulry
051 Sometimes a Great Notion Ken Kesey Dave Ackerson
052 Brave New World Aldous Huxley Jerry Iwerks
053 The Hawkline Monster Richard Brautigan Gregg Rochester
054 Solaris Stanislaw Lem Rich Dinter
055 Firelord Parke Godwin Rich Harding
056 Sauce for the Goose Peter De Vries Glenn Jackola
057 Martin Eden Jack London Ed L. Beckers
058 1984 George Orwell Al Zdon
059 Confedency of Dunces J.K. Toole Dave Blomberg
060 The Dispossessed Ursula K. Le Guin Rich Dinter
061 The Color Purple Alice Walker Dave Ackerson
062 Uncle Tom’s Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe Keith Wright
063 Stranger in a Strange Land Robert Heinlein Rich Dinter
064 Brideshead Revisited Evelyn Waugh Charlie Grant
065 Dune Frank Herbert Rich Dinter
066 How Green Was My Valley Richard Llewellyn Al Zdon
067 Swiftly Tilting Planet Madeline L’Engle Rich Dinter
068 East of Eden John Steinbeck Pat McGauley
069 God Knows Joseph Heller Dave Ackerson
070 Bright Lights, Big City Jay McInerney Glenn Jackola
071 Fifth Business Robertson Davies Gregg Rochester
072 Staggerford Jon Hassler Ed L. Beckers
073 A Winter’s Tale Mark Helprin Colin Isaacson
074 Kane & Able Jeffery Archer Charlie Grant
075 The Master & Margrant Michele Bulorgua Rich Dinter
076 The Name of the Rose Umberto Eco Al Zdon
077 Boys and Girls Together William Goldman Pat McGauley
078 Machine Dreams Jayne Anne Phillips Dave Ackerson
079 Shoeless Joe W.P. Kinsella Gregg Rochester
080 Love Medicine Louise Erdrich Glenn Jackola
081 The Last Picture Show Larry McMurtry Ed L. Beckers
082 The House of God Samuel Shem Rich Dinter
083 Reindeer Moon Elizabeth Thomas Colin Isaacson
084 The Turn of the Screw Henry James Charlie Grant
085 Joseph Andrews Henry Fielding Al Zdon
086 The Camerons Robert Crichton Pat McGauley
087 The Bonfire of the Vanities Tom Wolfe Dave Ackerson 020289
088 Poco’s Story Larry Heinemann Glenn Jackola 050489
089 Count Zero William Gibson Rich Dinter 060389
090 Fall From Grace Larry Collins Ed L. Beckers 031689
091 A Perfect Spy John Le Carre Lance Isaacson 072789
092 Watchers Dean R. Koontz Colin Isaacson 090789
093 The Milago/Beanfield War John Nichols Charlie Grant 110289
094 Been Down so Long Richard Farina Al Zdon 121489
Looks Like Up to Me
095 Lord of the Flies William Golding Ed L. Beckers 030890
096 Damian Herman Hesse Gregg Rochester
097 Shardick Richard Adams Pat McGauley
098 Ironweed William Kennedy Glenn Jackola
099 A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens Ed L. Beckers Ageless!
100 A Holiday for Murder Agatha Christie Al Zdon
101 The Fixer Bernard Malamud Pat McGauley
102 Jude the Obscure Thomas Hardy Dave Ackerson
103 Main Street Sinclair Lewis Gregg Rochester
104 Monsignor Quixote Graham Green Keith Wright
105 I’ll Call You Tomorrow John Wideman Glenn Jackola
106 Flanagan’s Run Tom McNab Ed Beckers
107 The Magus John Fowles Colin Isaacson
108 Of Human Bondage W. Somerset Maugham Pat McGauley 020890
109 The Beans of Egypt, Maine Carolyn Chute Glenn Jakola 042690
110 Angel Fire Andrew Greeley Lance Isaacson 052790
111 Unbearable Lightness of Being Milan Kundera Rich Dinter
112 Mitla Pass Leon Uris Colin Isaacson 071490
113 Red Earth White Earth Will Wilson Charlie Grant 090690
114 Cold Sassy Tree Olive Burne Al Zdon 102590
115 The Mombo Kings Sing Oscar Hijuelo Glenn Jackola 121390
Songs of Love
116 The Great Train Robbery Michael Crichton Pat McGauley 013191
117 Billy Bathgate E.L. Doctorow Roger Saccoman 031491
118 Poland James Michener Mike Fay 050991
119 The Fear of Living C.J. Koch Rich Dinter 060191
120 Shadow Prey John Sandford Ed L. Beckers 071191
121 Love in the Time of Cholora Gabriel Garcia Marquez Colin Isaacson 082291
122 The Blessing Way Tony Hillerman Lance Isaacson 092691
123 Shibumi Trevanian Charlie Grant 103091
124 Polar Star Martin Cruz Smith Al Zdon 121991
125 Final Flight Stephen Coonts Skip Mathews 020692
126 The Razor’s Edge Somerset Maugham Dave Johnsrud 031292
127 The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck Roger Saccoman 043092
128 The Plague Albert Camus Ed L. Beckers 061392
129 Picture This Joseph Heller Glenn Jackola 073092
130 Unbearable Lightness of Being Milan Kundera Rich Dinter 092392
131 The Charm School Nelson DeMille Pat McGauley 111992
132 The One True Story of Love Lynn McFall Al Zdon 123092
133 The Firm John Grisham Colin Isaakson 012893
134 The Sheltering Sky Paul Bowles Charlie Grant 022593
135 Jarassic Park Michael Crichton Mike Fay 040193
136 They Shoot Horses Don’t They Horace McCoy Skip Mathews 052293
137 The Power and the Glory Graham Greene David Johnsrud 070893
138 The Great Gatsby F.Scott Fitzgerald Roger Saccoman 081293
139 Wynesburg Ohio Sherwood Anderson Ed L. Beckers 093093
140 Lila Robert S. Persig Glenn Jackola 111193
141 Immortality Milan Kundera Rich Dinter 123093
142 Lost Horizon James Hilton Al Zdon 021094
143 The Collector John Fowles Pat McGauley 031794
144 The Borne Identity Robert Ludlum Colin Isaacson 042194
145 Red Square Martin Cruz Smith Charlie Grant 052694
146 Invisible Man Ralph Ellison Mike Fay 070694
147 Hunger Knut Hanson Dave Johnsrud 081894
148 The Thing They Carried Tim O’Brien Paul Dorcher 091694
149 The Shipping News E. Annie Proulx Skip Mathews 102794
150 Across the River and Ernest Hemmingway Roger Saccoman 111794
Into the Woods
151 A Thousand Acres Jane Smiley Ed L. Beckers 011295
152 The House of the Spirits Isabel Allende Rich Dinter 030995
153 The Last Teptatation of Chris Nikos Kozantzoski Glenn Jackola 051195
154 Portnoy’s Complaint Philip Roth Pat McGauley 072095
155 Night Down the Accident Elie Wiesel Al Zdon 082495
156 The Perfect Murder 5 Authors Paul Dorcher 090795
157 The Company of Thieves Trevor Scott Colin Isaacson 102595
158 Lost of the Breed Louis L’Amour Charlie Grant 112095
159 You Can’t Go Home Again Thomas Wolfe Mike Fay 011196
160 The Crossing Cormac McCarthy Dave Johnsrud 020896
161 Winter Kill Craig Lesley Skip Mathews 032196
162 Christ in Concrete Pietro DiDonato Roger Saccoman 042596
163 Montana 1948 Larry Waters Ed L. Beckers 051596
164 Flatland Edward Abbott Glenn Jackola 062796
165 Like Water for Chocolate Laura Esquivel Rich Dinter 090796
166 World According to Garp John Irving Pat McGauley 102396
167 Smilla’s Sense of Snow Peter Hoeg Al Zdon 121396
168 Rules of Prey John Sanford Colin Isaacson 020697
169 McTeague Frank Norris Charlie Grant 021297
170 Shoes of the Fisherman Morris L. West Mike Fay 032697
171 Gravity’s Rainbow Thomas Pynchon Dave Johnsrud 052197
172 Two Old Women Velma Wallin Skip Mathews 071197
173 Casino Royale Ian Fleming Ed L. Beckers 081697
174 Seize the Day Saul Bellows Roger Saccoman 090797
175 Love in the Ruins Walker Perry Rich Dinter 101897
176 Watership Down Richard Adams Pat McGauley 120497
177 The Alienist Caleb Carr Colin Isaacson 012998
178 Day of the Locust Nathanael West Glenn Jackola 030598
179 Crossing to Safety Wallace Stegner Charlie Grant 040198
180 How Green Was My Valley Richard Llewellyn Mike Fay 050698
181 Killing Mister Watson Peter Matthiessen Dave Johnsrud 060698
182 Morality Play Barry Unsworth Jim Huber 070998
183 The Clan of the Cave Bear Jean Auel Skip Mathews 081398
184 Separations Oakley Hall Paul Dorcher 091298
185 Rabbit Run John Updike Ed L. Beckers 102298
186 Martin Dressler Steven Milhauser Roger Saccoman 120298
187 Dance Real Slow Michael Jaffe Rich Dinter 012899
188 Slaughterhouse 5 Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Pat McGauley 022599
189 The Angel of Darkness Caleb Carr Colin Isaacson 040899
190 Irish Gold Andrew Greeley Mike Fay 051599
191 Snow Falling on Cedars Michele Gueteron Charlie Grant 062499
192 Corelli’s Mandolin Louis De Bernieres Dave Johsrud 072999
193 Midnight in the Garden of
Good and Evil John Berendt Glenn Jackola 090299
194 Atticus Ron Hansen Paul Dorischer 100399
195 Till We Have Faces C.S. Lewis Jim Huber 110499
196 Postmortem Patricia Cornwall Skip Mathews 120999
197 Memories of a Geisha Arther Golden Ed L. Beckers 012000
198 A Man in Full Thomas Wolfe Rich Dinter 030900
199 The Picture of Dorian Grey Oscar Wilde Pat McGauley 041300
200 Extreme Faction Scott Schmidt Colin Isaacson 051300
201 Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe Mike Fay 062700
202 What’s Bred in the Bone Robertson Davies Charlie Grant 081000
203 Frankenstine Mary Shelley Paul Dorscher 092300
204 Morte D’Urban J.F. Rowell Dave Johnsrud 111500
205 The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Carson McCullers Roger Saccoman 121301
206 Dangling Man Saul Bellow Jim Huber 011201
207 The Killer Angels Michael Shaara Skip Mathews 022001
208 Saint Mudd Steve Thayer Ed L. Beckers 082401
209 Indian Killer Sherman Alexie Rich Dinter 060201
210 Jim the Boy Tony Earley Glen Jackola 072601
211 One for the Money Janet Evanovich Colin Isaacson 092901
212 Incident at Twenty Mile Trevanian Pat McGauley 110701
213 Siddhartha Herman Hesse Mike Fay 122001
214 A Superior Death Nevada Barr Charlie Grant 013002
215 The Hitchhiker’s Guide
to the Galaxy Douglas Adams Paul Dorscher 022002
216 The Hound of the Baskerville Arthur Conan Doyle Roger Saccoman 032802
217 A Canticle for Leibowitz Arthur Miller Jim Huber 051802
218 Kingsblood Royal Sinclair Lewis Ed L. Beckers 071102
219 Independence Day Richard Ford Rich Dinter 090702
220 To Bless or to Blame Pat McGauley Pat McGauley 112002
221 The Quiet American Graham Greene Charlie Grant 012303
222 Murder in Georgetown Elliott Roosevelt Mike Fay 022003
223 Corrections Jonathon Fanzan Glen Jackola 032703
224 David Markson David Johnsrud 042403
225 Pigs Mark Munger Colin Isaacson 052903
226 A Lesson Before Dying Earnest Goine Paul Dorscher 062103
227 Peace Like a River Leif Enger Roger Saccoman 073103
228 Balzac and the Little China
Seamstress Sigie, Dai Jim Huber 092003
229 Rose Martin Curz Smith Ed L Beckers 102303
230 Mating Norman Rush Rich Dinter 121103
231 Valhalla Clive Cussler Charlie Grant 012204
232 Timeline Michael Crichton Pat McGauley 030404
233 Flashback Nevada Barr Al Zdon 033104
234 The Legacy Mark Munger Colin Isaacson 050804
235 Angels and Demons Dan Brown Glenn Jackola 062304
236 To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee Mike Fay 080504
237 Drop City T.C. Boyle Paul Dorscher 091804
238 Old School Tobias Wolfe Jim Huber 102804
239 The Curious Incident of the
Dog in the Nighttime Mark Haddor Roger Saccoman 120204
240 Orchard Larry Watson Ed L. Beckers 011305
241 The Lovely Bones Alice Sebold Rich Dinter 021005
242 Pack Moran Pat McGauley Pat McGauley 033105
243 Sutter Island Dennis Lehane Craig Holgate 042805
244 The Running Man Robertson Davies Charlie Grant 052105
245 Housekeeping Marilynne Robinson Glenn Jackola 063005
246 Anil’s Ghost Michael Ondaatje Colin Isaacson 081105
247 The Kite Runner Khaled Hosseini Paul Dorscher 091005
248 Ishmall Daniel Quinn Jim Huber 102705
249 Boogaloo on 2nd Avenue Mark Kurlanshky Roger Saccoman 120805
250 The Cruel Sea Nicholas Monsanto Ed L. Beckers 010906
251 Skinny Dip Carl Hicosen Rich Dinter 030906
252 The Main Trevanian Pat McGauley 042006
253 Life of Pi Yann Mortel Craig Holgate 052506
254 Rain Fall Barry Eisler Charlie Grant 062406
255 Never Let Me Go Kozua Ishigiero Glenn Jackola 081706
256 Waiting for the Barbarian J.M. Coetzee Paul Dorsher 091006
257 Boom Town Trevor Scott Colin Isaacsosn 101906
258 Sixteen Pleasures Robert Hellenga Jim Huber 113006
259 Macbeth William Shakespear Ed L. Beckers 010407
260 The Autumn of the Patriarch Gabriel Garcia Marquez Rich Dinter 020807
261 Neuromancer William Gibson Sujit Varma 031507
262 Happiness Will Fergeson Pat McGauley 042607
263 Kill Me Stephan White Craig Holgate 050407
264 Iron Lake William Kent Krueger Charlie Grant 063007
265 American Terrorist Phillip Roth Glenn Jackola 080207
266 The Bridge at San Luis Rey Thornton Wilder Paul Dorsher 091507
267 The Headmaster Ritual Taylor Antrim Colin Isaacson 102507
268 Scoop Evelyn Waugh Roger Saccoman 112907
269 Lying Awake Mark Salzman Jim Huber 011008
270 Legacy of the Dead Charles Todd Ed L. Beckers 020708
271 Of Time and Memory Don Snyder Rich Dinter 030608
272 The Moor’s Last Sigh Salman Rushdie Sujit Varma 041008
273 The Innocent Man John Grisham Pat McGauley 052208
274 Silent Joe T. Jefferson Parker Craig Holgate 062608
275 Playing for Pizza John Grisham Charlie Grant 080908
276 The Yiddish Policeman’s Union Michael Chabon Paul Dorsher 091308
277 What is the What Dave Eggers Glenn Jackola 110608
278 Maiden Rock Mary Logue Colin Isaacson 121108
279 The Invisible Heart Russell Roberts Roger Saccoman 010809
280 Ender’s Game Orson Scott Jim Huber 021209
281 The Long Goodbye Raymond Chandler Ed L. Beckers 031209
282 The Time Traveler’s Wife Audrey Neffeneger Sujit Varma 041609
283 North to the Night Alvah Simon Craig Holgate 052109
284 To the End of Time John Updike Rich Dinter 082009
285 Immoral Brian Freeman Charlie Grant 072309
286 The Winter of Our Discontent John Steinbeck Pat McGauley 082009
287 March Geraldine Brooks Paul Dorsher 091209
288 Netherland Joseph O’Neill Glenn Jackola 101509
289 The Black Dahlia James Ellroy Colin Isaacson 111909
290 A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens Roger Saccoman 121709
291 Gargoyle Andrew Davidson Jim Huber 020410
292 Crusader’s Cross James Lee Burke Ed Beckers 031110
293 Pride and Prjudice Vampires Seth Graham-Smith Sujit Varma 041510
294 All Our Yesterdays Robert B. Parfer Craig Holgate 052010
295 Mr. Paradise Elmore Leonard Al Zdon 062610
296 Lost in Planet China J. Martinthurst Keith Wright 072210
297 Blindness Jose Saromago Paul Dorsher 091110
298 The Girl Who Played With Fire Stig Larssen Rich Dinter 102110
299 Waiting for White Horses Nathan Jorgenson Charlie Grant 120910
300 Homer and Langley E.L. Doctorow Glenn Jackola 012011
301 Guernsey Society Annie Narrows Colin Isaacson 022411
Mary Ann Shaffer

302     Three Men in a Boat             Jerome Jerome           Roger Saccoman          032411
303     The Tortilla Curatin            TC Boyle                Pat McGauley            051411
304     Bad Luck & Trouble              Lee Child               Ed Beckers              62311
305     People of the Book              Geraldine Brooks        Jim Huber               72911
306     Room                            Emma Donahue            Sujit Varma             81811
307     Brief Life of Wao               Dunot Diaz              Al Zdon                 91011
308     This Is Where I Leave You       Jonathan Tropper        Craig Holgate           100611
309     Freedom                         Jonathan Franzen        Rich Dinter             111011
310     Up Country                      Nelson DeMille          Charlie Grant           010912
311     Fight Club                      Chuck Palahniuk         Paul Dorsher            021512
312     The Stranger                    Albert Camus            Jim Huber               032212
313     Cold Wind                       C.J.Box                 Roger Saccoman          042012
314     The Edge of Sadness             Edwin O'Connor          Pat McGauley            05/2012
315     The Troubled Man                Henning Mankell         Al Zdon                 06/2012
316     The Anubis Gates                Tim Powers              Sujit Varma             07/2012
317     Hotel on the Corner of
        Bitter and Sweet                Jamie Ford              Keith Wright            08/2012
318     The Candlestickmaker            Dennis McDlougal        Ed Beckers              09/2012
319     The Sense of an Ending          Julian Barnes           Glenn Jackola           10/2012
320     Let The Great World Spin        Colum McCann            Craig Holgate           11/2012
321     The Silent Land                 Graham Joyce            Rich Dinter             
322     Sylvanus Now                    Donna Morrissey         Charlie Grant
323  04/2013      Deep River                 Shusaku Endo            Jim Huber
05/2013      Cutting For Stone               Abraham Verghese        Sujit Varma
06/2013      The Plague of Doves             Louise Erdrich          Bob Ivanca
07/2013      The Hundred Year Old Man . . .  Jonas Jonasson          Keith Wright
08/2013      Canada                          Richard Ford            Roger Saccoman
09/2013      Tarzan of the Apes              Edgar Rice Burroughs    Al Zdon
10/2013      The Sons of Marella Windsong    Pat McGauley            Pat McGauley
330  11/2013      The Professionals          Owen Laukkanen          Glenn Jackola
01/2014      Huck Finn                       Mark Twain              Ed Beckers
02/2014      Cloud Atlas                     David Mitchell          Rich Dinter
03/2014      Light Between Oceans            M.L. Stedman            Craig Holgate
04/2014      Herald Square                   Jefferson Flanders      Jim Huber
05/2014      State of Wonder                 Ann Patchett            Keith Wright
06/2014      Ordinary Grace                  W. Kent Krueger         Bob Ivanca
07/2014      Game of Trones                  George Martin           Sujit Varma
08/2014      Hour Game                       David Baldacci          Roger Saccoman
09/2014      The Madonnas of Leningrad       Debra Dean              Paul Dorsher
340  10/2014      The Shack                  Wm. Paul Young          Pat McGauley
11/2014      The Director                    David Ignatious         Glenn Jackola           
01/2015      The Caine Mutiny                Herman Wouk             Ed Beckers
02/2015      Angle of Repose                 Wallace Stegner         Rich Dinter
03/2015      All the Light We Cannot See     Anthony Doerr           Jim Huber
05/2015      The Art of Fielding             Chad Harbach            Craig Holgate
06/2015      Baltimore Blues                 Laura Lippman           Keith Wright
07/2015      The Doctor and Mr Dylan         Rick Novak              Pat McGauley
09/2015      The Orphan Master's Son         Adam Johnson            Paul Dorsher
10/2015      Mickey Outside                  David Lender            Roger Saccoman 
11/2015      The Wonder of All Things        Jason Mott              Bob Ivanca
01/2016      Watergate                       Thomas Mellon           Glen Jackola
02/2016      All the Light we Cannot See     Anthony Doerr
03/2016                                                              Rich Dinter
04/2016      U.S.A                           Dos Passos              Ed Beckers
05/2016      Mount Analogue                  Rene Dumal              Jim Huber
06/2016      The High Mountains of Port.     Yann Martel             Al Zdon
07/2016      Turn of Mind                    Alice LaPlante          Craig Holgate
08/2016      Go Set A Watchman               Harper Lee              Keith Wright
09/2016      Serafina/Black Cloak            Robert Beatty           Roger Saccoman
360  11/2016      The Quest                  Nelson DeMille          Pat McGauley
01/2017      The Reader                      Bernhard Schlink        Bob Ivanca
02/2017      It Can't Happen Here            Sinclaire Lewis         Glenn Jackola
03/17        The Orphan Train                Christine Kline         Jim Huber
04/17        In the Woods                    Tana French             Craig Holgate
06/17        The Mandibles                   Lionel Shriver          Rich Dinter
07/17        Without Mercy                   Hunt/Pineiro            Ed Beckers
08/17        Small Big Things                Picault                 Keith Wright
10/17        Everybody's Fool                Richard Russo           Paul Dorsher
11/17        The Last Hurrah                 Edwin O'Connor          Pat McGauley
01/18 .      The Rooster Bar                 John Grisham .          Roger Saccoman
02/18 .      Fierce Invalids . . .           Tom Robbins             Bob Ivanca
03/18        The Conclave .                  Robert Harris           Glenn Jackola
04/18 .      Exit West                       Moshin Hamid .          Rich Dinter
05/18        In The Distance                 Hernan Diaz .           Al Zdon
06/18        Sting-Ray Afternoons .          Steve Rushin .          Craig Holgate
08/18        A Man Called Ove                Fredrik Backman .       Keith Wright
09/18        Rules of Civility               Amor Towles             Jim Huber
10/18        I Heard the Owl Call My Name    Margarete Craven        Pat McGauley
11/18        Hillbilly Elegy .               J.D. Vance              Roger Saccoman
01/19 .      Shadow of the Wind .            Carlos Zafron .         Paul Dorsher
02/19 . Extraordinary Life of Sam Hill . Robert Dugoni
Bob Ivanca
03/19 . Facts and Fears . James Clapper
Glenn Jackola
            NOTE !  First edition of this list completed 31 OCT 91 (beginning of the "Great Storm of '91).