Happy B-Day Edgar & other blather

Today many celebrate the birthday of  Edgar Allan Poe.  Others might remember the 1977 Miami blizzard which occurred on this January 19.  Actually, blizzard is an overstatement of fact as you will learn if you click on the Writer’s Almanac–a link on this website.  And, in frigid northern Minnesota, on this day in January, the Greater Mesaba Men’s Book Club (GMMBC) will hold it’s monthly meeting to discuss Charlie Grant’s selection of UP COUNTRY (Nelson DeMille).  Ed Beckers reviewed this story and his scathing insight can be found on this website as well.  There is irony in connecting these two literary giants, both were harsh book reviewers.  If nothing else, the ‘Beckers on Books’ link on this site has a flattering photograph of Ed.

In a literary vein, I am making progress in my next novel.  It’s a great feeling to be into the flow of a story to the degree where your characters are going about their affairs in a manner that completely surprises the writer.  When that is happening, a story evolves of it’s own momentum.  Issac Asimov once observed: “Writing to me is simply thinking through my fingers”–an insight that most writers would embrace.   I will share one theme of the new Moran ‘drama’–the German word ‘doppelganger’ best describes the plot that is emerging.

Last night, in my most recent conversation with Jeremy Hendrickson (the developer of this website), we did some touching up. Jeremy by the way, has a link on this site, too . . . you might want to click on DWS.  He’s good!   If you are reading this post and want to give this writer a boost, please email a compliment or critique.  Feedback is as important to me as book sales.  After the last word, I’m going to take a walk through a place called ‘Tin City’ across the street from where I’m staying.  It’s an interesting place to ‘people watch’ as tourists from all over the country flock to the funky shops and restaurants in the marina on the bay. Quite often, if I’m wearing my Twins cap or UofM T-shirt, I meet someone from Minnesota. I met a fellow from the Cities just yesterday.  And tomorrow morning I plan on going to the Minnesota Men’s Breakfast club meeting at a golf resort nearby.  Can’t get the Minnesota out of this man.  In one month I’ll be going up to Ft. Myers to the Twins spring training complex.  Those trips are a highlight of being in Florida.  I’ll be blogging more often when the workouts begin.

Have a great day and God bless.

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