Happy New Year

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m in Naples, Florida where it’s a balmy 78 degrees.  I just finished working with Jeremy Hendrickson on this website and we’re just about finished.  He’s good!  Earlier I did some writing, about two hours worth, and I’m still feeling like there is a flow to this story.  I still don’t quite know where it will take me but my characters are beginning to ‘do their thing’–that’s good, that’s what it’s all about.

This is my third winter down here and most of the landscape is quite familiar now.  I bike daily and make a stop at the Gulf beach every day.  I love the sand and the sea, the sounds and the smells, the palm trees and palmetto and cyprus, the heat of the tropical sun.  How can I miss the snow of northern Minnesota?  Strangely, at times I really do.  This is tourist country in the winter and the holiday vacation time is especially busy.  I’m living across from a favorite tourist site called ‘Tin City’, a hundred shops, eateries, and a busy marina.  If one enjoys people watching, there are few places with more variety.  Tonight there is a fantastic fireworks show off of the Naples Pier.  I went down to the beach last year and couldn’t believe all the people–more than 100,000 along several miles of shoreline.  Tables set up on the beach, candelabras and linen covered tables, champaign, even some wearing tuxedos.  It’s hard to find enough space for a lawn chair in some places and people begin finding their space in the early afternoon.  This year I might try to view the spectacular show from the rooftop of the Bayfront building.

Among my New Year’s resolution’s–a better father, better friend, better Christian, etc. and getting in shape, of course–I have one ‘intention’–finish my seventh novel.  Also have a kids story on my computer.  We’ll see.

If you are reading this blog post, you have found my website.  I hope you will tell others to check it out.  I hope that you and some of those ‘others’ you tell about the site will purchase a book or two.  Or, if you would, communicate with me on the contact page.  It should be fun for me to be in touch with my readers and/or friends this way.  Also, hoping to be linked with my site on Facebook, too.

Until next time, my wishes for a Happy and Blessed 2012–it’s going to be the best year ever.

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