How Time Passes

It’s been quite some time since my last posting so there is much to share.
I’m writing from Naples, Florida again this winter so I’ve missed a lot of snow I’m told. Just between you and me — I miss the snow. Yes we have sun almost every day, I’m a bike ride from the Gulf beaches, and we’ve broken records for heat several times this month. It’s already my 10th year down here and 5 in my own place. Weather aside, my routines are about the same every year which means I’m writing daily (early mornings) and enjoying the sun in the afternoons. Writing what?, you might ask? I’ll start with that.
I’ve had lots of positive feedback on ‘Lester’s Gift’ and Adam Trygg as my lead character and, God willing, I’d like to do another Adam story. However, my priority is to finish with my Father Mickey series. Yes, finish. The last Mickey story is unique. For the first time I’m writing Mickey in the first tense — in other words, I’m Mickey telling the story. I struggled with the change from third person to first for more than a month but finally got some traction in late January. Despite a few interruptions, I’ve hit the keyboard daily. (Some days run smoothly, others are a headache).
Hopefully, a yet untitled novel will be published by late summer.
One interruption was a trip to Ireland courtesy of my daughter. Erin finally has a beau and I’ve come to like him very much. His name is Josh and he helped with the costs of our foursome–Erin, Jack (Erins college sophomore son), Josh and I. We drove from west from Dublin to Galway, south to Cork, and a small town Kilkenny, before returning to Dublin and a tour of the Guiness Brewery. Yes we visited many pubs! In fact in a town in central Ireland (Athloon) we spent an afternoon in the oldest pub in the world; a place called Seans first built in 700 AD. It’s verified. I hadn’t been to Ireland in 40 years so it was special.
And, a group of us went to a Willie Nelson concert in Fort Myers. He was awesome, despite his serious health issues. Now, I’ll take some breaks to head up to the Twins spring training fields and check out some of the new faces. Big things this year.
I’m sure many of you are envious but I do get spells of homesickness. Gail is tending the fort while I’m gone and she’s moved a ton of snow. One good thing, however, is that she is now retired and doesn’t have to get her car out of the garage to get to work in the morning anymore. She’s a blessing. I’m always struck by how fast time passes. I think I’ll be over 70 next month.
Speaking of blessings. Writing this Mickey story has been a unique spiritual trip for me. With all the divisiveness in the news I’ve taken a deeper look at the blessings in my life — especially my three children and six grandkids. Shannon was down to visit for a few days, Chris (Tiffer) is holding his own with the new moving company — January and February are tough for small businesses, and Erin has a good job and less stress in her life. I could brag about my grandkids for hours.
I hope to share my goings-on more often and plan to head north toward the end of April. Count your blessings and thank God for them every day. And to my friends with cancer and other health issues I keep you in my prayers.
Feel free to comment. I’d love to hear from you via this site.