It’s All About Me

I just finished a neighborhood walk — 8 blocks — and forgot to begin by facing north and into the wind and it’s 25mph gusts. The last few blocks were torturous. My face still burns. It’s been about 15 degrees below normal with strong winds for the past several days. Splashes of sun help but . . . In the past I would be prepping the garden this time of the year. Minnesota!
Being homebound hasn’t been a problem.
I have the same routine here as I did since February in Florida.
I hate to watch the economy tank but feel worse for those out of work.
I go back and forth on whether the country should reopen before it’s too late — then I think protecting our people is the highest priority.
I dread the debt we’re passing on.
I miss the Twins games.
I find I watch movies more and the news less. If I watch CNN and then turn to Fox, it’s like going from one planet to another.
I don’t know what to believe.
Mostly, I fear that we’re in this situation much longer than originally thought. A vaccine will come but I don’t know if I’d be willing to take it.
I’m old and vulnerable.
I write for 3 hours every morning, And I like the new story. Still untitled.
I think about selling my place in Florida but wonder if I can take a Minnesota winter. I’ve been heading south for ten years now.
For me the major attraction of being in Naples is that I’m 45 minutes from the Twins spring training site.
Damn. This was going to be their year.
The beaches and the sun are good but the traffic in SW Florida is horrific in season — December to April.
The 2000 mile drive is a killer. Lots of crazies on the highway,

*My new story is being written in the first person. Never done it before and it took weeks and countless delete and start-overs. I take the role of the protagonist. So I am Mickey, the priest from Hibbing and the main character in 7 previous novels. You may have noted that ‘I’ or ‘Me’ dominate this post. My writing is rubbing off on my living. My psychologist, however, assures me that we all think of everything in terms of our self.
I am going to try to post a blog of some sort every week. Soon I’ll be meeting with my website manager to upgrade the site and have a better connection with my readers and whoever finds me.
I might even get into areas that some find offensive. These days everything political is divisive. So be it. I also might get into religion. Politics and Religion the two taboos. Suffice it to say in advance, my political persuasions have cost me facebook friends and snubs from people I once thought to be friends. Oh well. What will be will be. I’ll end by sending a ‘God Bless’ to each of you.