This morning I finished the ‘rough draft’ of my next novel. (Earlier I thought the title would be ‘Transmission”.

Lester is a homeless man living in west Duluth. A man with nothing but an incredible gift. Quite by accident, or Providence, that gift is transfered to a policeman named Adam Trygg. My readers will be familiar with Adam as a minor character. Now I have given him the role of protagonist. I think he does well. Lots of Hibbing in this story and, hopefully, lots of intrigue and realism. Sorry to those who have been anticipating the next Father Mickey story . . . I’m saving him for my last–and fifteenth–novel. Lots of ideas are floating in the back of my mind.

LESTER’S GIFT should be available in October. Until then remember that all of my titles are available at Sullivan Supply in Hibbing.

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