Merry Christmas

Friends and relatives and fellow Rangers everywhere.
I’ll miss being home in Hibbing for Christmas again this year. I arrived at my Florida place on 12/01 and missed lots of mild December weather up North. I won’t say a word about the weather down here in Naples . . . except . . . no snow! As you know, I have a daughter and two super grandkids down here so I’ll have a wonderful family Christmas with palm trees adorned with Christmas lights. Sorry about the last part.
I haven’t started my next book yet but plan to begin the process after the holidays. I’ve got a few ideas swimming about but haven’t quite got them worked out yet. Usually the core ‘IDEA’ is the genesis and I think I’m close.
My last novel, The Sacred Seal, has been selling very well I’m told. Patty Schafer at the Mulberry Bush has ordered more copies as she sold her last copy this morning. I hope to have the book available on Kindle and Nook early in the new year. I think there are some interesting spring boards from the last book that might launch my next creation. In that vein, I’d like to ask each of you a big favor. As I learn more about ‘marketing’, book reviews from readers are critical to potential buyers. If you’ve read any of the ten novels or three kids books I’ve published (and enjoyed them) please put a review on the Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads websites.
Last summer I often visited several of my old and dear friends–most with health issues–and I miss them all. The most estranging thing about being down here is that everywhere I go I see strangers. I’ve got some great neighbors and the folks in this little community couldn’t be more friendly . . . but . . . I miss all of you. Maybe especially so at this time of the year. I sincerely hope that all of you have a safe, and healthy, and bountiful New Year. If you ever get down this way please get in touch.
God bless,

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