If you’ve checked this post the chances are that you know who Mickey is. If not, Father Michael ‘Mickey’ Moran is a priest born in Hibbing (Minnesota) and currently the chaplain of the Newman Center at UMD in Duluth. Mickey is a fictitious priest and my protagonist first introduced to readers seven books ago. He and his family have been a ‘second family’ to me for seventeen years and twelve novels. I’m realizing that it’s hard to deliberately, and without justification, to abandon one’s family and let them fend for themselves. (Even if I believe I left them in a happy place). I’ve tried and the guilt is overwhelming for one who has a passion for writing.
In the ‘Prologue’ to TWELVE (my last novel) I concluded with . . . “If I finish my career with TWELVE, so be it. ‘If’ is the most ambiguous two-letter word in the English language. Many of my readers have told me “Don’t!”–don’t finish your writing career and/or don’t quit telling stories about Mickey.
I’m sending this blog from Naples, Florida, where I’ve written my last few books in rough-draft form before the rewrite polishing begins when I return to Hibbing and continues through the summer months. Rewriting is always hours of tedious and frustrating work . . . then comes all the necessary hoops going from story to publication. That’s almost worse! So maybe it’s the summer stress that makes me feel ‘no more!’. If I so enjoy writing why not just post a blog every day or so? I think that was my strongest feeling after TWELVE was finally published last October.
Since my arrival here I’ve started two stories with different characters and locales. With both I’ve hit a wall. Not that the stories might not be very good but with each one I found something missing. Four ‘M’s’ were missing: Mickey, Mary, Michael, and Meghan … along with a host of others in Hibbing and Duluth. (I even missed Bishop Bremmer).
So, long story short, I’m not going to abandon my Moran family. Now, this new story might never be published; at least not in my lifetime. We’ll just have to see if I have the energy, stamina, and the willingness to run the publishing gauntlet another time.
I would be remiss if I failed to add a commercial note before signing off. TWELVE has sold very well in the few months it’s been on the market–as have it’s two predecessors ‘The Sacred Seal’ and ‘Tears’. This is somewhat remarkable because I have only one sales outlet in a shop that is up for sale. Yes, Patty Shafer’s ‘Mulberry Bush’ may not remain open after the first on the new year. Patty carries ALL of my fifteen titles and has done a wonderful job. With Christmas only days away please consider a book (or books) for those on your shopping list. I’ve always believed that a book is a cherished gift and one that keeps on giving. I’d give a plug to Amazon and their Kindle e-books as an option but they take most of any profit there is to make. Does that surprise anybody? And profits are what enable me to self-publish my stories.
Look for my next blog sometime after the first of 2018. And let me wish all who read this post a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy, healthy, peaceful, successful NEW YEAR. May God bless you all abundantly.

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