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Friends and readers,
My tenth novel-The Sacred Seal-has sold well in my local market. That is most pleasing. To those of you who have purchased/read the story, I’m hopeful you found it suspenseful and surprised at the end. That’s what I a murder-mystery should do. But, an apology seems appropriate. I had a production date set for early October so that I could fulfill obligations–scheduled book events–by the first of November. When the submission deadline arrived I did not have the final ‘professional editing’ in my possession. So, I felt compelled to send the publisher what I had at the time. I hope that the grammar errors did not detract from the story itself. I’ve always held that if I read a perfectly edited book with a lousy story I am disappointed, however, if I read a good story with punctuation errors I’m highly satisfied. Enough said about that.
Now, a very well edited version of The Sacred Seal is available on Kindle. If you are a Kindle reader and get this blog by tomorrow, Monday, it is being offered ‘free of charge’! Just download it before it returns to $7.95.
Since the first of the year I have been working on my next novel–number 11–with a ‘working title’ of ‘TEARS’. I’ve always wanted to write a teacher story. And, I want, at the same time to keep my protagonist, Father Mickey, as a central figure. Thirdly, I want the story to pick up the thread of my last novel. A challenge that has been as challenging as it has been frustrating. I beginning to feel my way in all three regards.
That’s the ‘news’ part of this blog. Now the ‘renews’. I will never be much more than a regional author and that is fine with me. My only hope is to net enough money to cover the expenses of my next book. So far, I’ve been fortunate. Hours, days, and months of writing and rewriting and all the details of self-publication have one reward–a story that is appreciated by my readers. You’ve never let me down in that regard. However, I need your help with something I’ve learned is very important in marketing. Readers check authors on many sites including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, etc. It is on these sites that they look for reviews by readers. In this regard I am overlooked. I ask, once again, for your help. If you have read any of my books, novels or children’s stories, PLEASE write a review. Even if you didn’t like a story/stories, thats helpful, too. Any comments will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for being my inspiration to continue what can be an arduous task. I love to tell a story and my ‘ego’ appreciates a compliment.
Although I am enjoying another winter in Florida, I look forward to seeing you all in May. Just a reminder, all of my books are currently available at the Mulberry Bush (Mesabi Mall) and Patty can use the sales as much as I can.
God bless,

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