On Coming Together

It’s over! Like most of you I found the presidential campaign to be the most devisive and even painful experience in my lifetime. To many like myself, it was a decision on ‘the lesser of two evils’ . . . a sad commentary on American democracy. Of one thing it seems certain, people wanted change. I will admit that I was one of those, and I will admit that–for the first time–I prayed on my vote along with my prayers for this great nation. Trump’s acceptance speech like Hillary’s concession speech were encouraging. We will go forward now that the election is over. Our local priest (Father Nick) made an observation at this morning’s mass. He encouraged that we “withhold judgement’.
Although not a ‘one issue’, nor a straight ticket voter, my decision was based more upon the Constitution and the Supreme Court. I’m an old-fashioned Constitutionalist on most issues–maybe even libertarian– I’ll admit to being a strong believer in the concept of ‘separation of powers’, limited government and the 10th Amendment. That’s it! There has been a transfer of power and change will follow. Now we must begin the healing process. Nearly all of my friends are disappointed in the outcome, even fearful of what will be a new, and far different administration. I am confident that, although we will be headed in some new directions, we will all come together.
These past few weeks have been divided between following the campaign–switching from CNN to Fox (Two different worlds as you know–for perspectives. (Two different worlds as you know.) And sports. Our ‘Gophers’–mens and womens teams (especially the volleyball girls) are doing well, the Vikings were doing well–not so much lately. And, yesterday–Thanksgiving 2016–is behind us. My mother always felt that Thanksgiving was the most special family celebration and I feel the same. Back in the day, all four of us sons and our growing families, never missed a Hoyt Lakes Thanksgiving at Nana’s house.
Tomorrow will be my final book-signing and craft fair of a busy season. My new novel, TEARS, has ‘taken-off’ quite well and given a boost to my other titles as well . . . especially ‘The Sacred Seal’ that came out last year. I’ll be at the Minnesota Discovery Center in Chisholm for the ‘Artisans Craft Fair’ on Saturday. In the past month “I’ve Been Everywhere, Man” as Johnny Cash would say . . . from McGregor to Cook and nearly every Iron Range town since the beginning of the month. On Monday I will head east and south to Florida for the winter months. (I have had a good taste of winter these past days as Hibbing had about 18 inches of snow last Friday. Heavy wet snow and my back still aches.) After settling in, I will start working on my next novel;maybe number twelve will be the end of my five-generational Moran series. If so, then I can finally retire.
Whatever, these next few months will be busy. Shortly after the holidays I’ll post another blog and update those of you who follow me on this website. Until then I wish you all a Merry and blessed Christmas and sincere wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year. God bless . . .

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