Our World: A Commentary

Recently I came upon a list of the world’s top corporations–most of which are conglomerates that are umbrellas to a diversified network of other companies and brands. All are highly political major contributors to international causes dealing with everything from the environment to race relations in world that is fractured by divisions. They always play both sides and their money gives them influence over policy decisions at every level. (For example Google spends more on lobbying in DC than any other corporation.) THE LIST:
10. Nestle
9. Kraft
8. Lockhead-Martin
7. Phizer
6. Adbar (Beer production/distribution)
5. Pearson (London) publishing
4. CCBC (Chinese/banking)
3. Monsanto
2. Disney
1. Google
I was surprised not to see Apple, Microsoft, WalMart, MacDonalds and others. But all play the same games.
Of these the one that scares me the most is Google. Google controls most of the news we get from papers, television, and internet. Google can follow us through our every day . . . not just where we are but what we say via our email and various social media including Facebook, etc. To be as free as I think I should be in our democratic republic I would have to jetison my computer and smartphone and, most likely, stay in my home. ‘Security’ cameras can track my daily activities almost anywhere I go. The TV shows I watch can be monitores as can the radio stations I listen to.
Am I totally paranoid?
IF I am politically active (make contributions to any party or charity or foundation) I believe that I am inviting even closer scrutiny. The other day I was called by an alleged pollster and asked if I approved of the job President Trump was doing–on a scale of 1–10. I gave him an 8 and commented that his ‘tweeting’ was often bothersome. I declined other more specific questions on my interpretation of his policy agenda and performance. (Trump’s ‘popularity’ rating is reported to be very low–anywhere from 35% to 42%.) I don’t know if my ‘vote’ rating was factored in nor do I care. He is my President! I cannot hope that he is successful in all his dealings both internationally and domestically. I truly hope that he can ‘Make America Great Again’. I won’t go into how politically, racially, and socially divided our country has become in recent years. Too many Americans–in my opinion–have place their party over our country. Both Republicans and Democrats! I also saw a poll that gave an approval rating to Congress . . . less than 10% of those polled (whomever ‘they’ are) believed that our elected leaders in both the House and Senate are doing ‘a good job.’ I’m inclined to believe that statistic. For some time I believe that our ‘politicians’ are more concerned with their re-election and their financial supporters than they are with me or you or our great nation. Our ‘Exceptional’ nation! Contrary to current revisionist theories and the classroom teaching that follows in our esteemed universities (and school curriculums at every level) we have been, and still are, the greatest society in the history of mankind. Washington and Jefferson and many other founders of this country and framers of our Constitution had me and you and all Americans in mind when they established this great experiment in 1776.
Just sayin’ . . . .

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