Retired Old Men

It’s not just here in Hibbing but everywhere I’ve been . . . retired old-timers (men, I’ve observed, far more than women) are hard-wired to daily congregate at a local coffee depot. It could be Sporty’s downtown, Hardees, or McD’s here in Hibbing–but in similar locations in any town. These ‘meetings’ are opportunities for guys to share views, argue, agree, or simply listen to their friends and their views on the world situation or the diverse stories in the news these days . In our group–I’ve often been a delinquent this summer–it’s the Twins (or Vikes, or Wild or Wolves and everything ‘Gophers’. Essentially my ‘delinquency’ is unjustified as my writing and gardening is usually a morning activity. Afternoons are spent reading or watching a movie. Two topics for my next blogs.
Yesterday one of former daily coffee-clutchers (Peter Bolf) was back in town so I joined the group to catch up on his new life in the Cities (Lake Elmo). Peter, a regular for years, moved earlier this year. He is one of three regulars that has left our fair town in the past few years. Rick Whelan was first, Steve Lolich followed soon after . . . then Peter. So the complexion of the group has changed. Bob Perfetti and myself remain as the two of what was five. Bobby Schock and Nick Jerulle (now 96) were, and remain, regulars as well. We have always met at 1:30–after Bob’s eighteen or more holes of golf. This year we are joined by Jim and Al who previously sat at another table have joined us–or we them? On Sunday mornings, the ‘Babe’ (Glumac) joins the group and sports is always the #1 topic. Babe, probably more than most people in the Bronx, bleeds Yankee blood.
Besides sports we talk about the slow demise of our fair city, the new roundabout just beyond the windows at our McD’s location, and . . . very sensitively . . . national politics. I think we’re evenly divided on GOP and DFL but–
But, more than ever our President Trump has divided both parties. (It’s hard to believe that Trump carried Hibbing in the 2016 election with his ‘blue-collar’ and pro-jobs agenda).
I’m curious if any of you reading this blog can relate to the ‘retired men syndrome’ that I’m talking to myself about. It’s very rare that I get any response to my blogging so I’m dangling some bait. I’d like to one day get more seriously into sports and politics as they are two of my obsessions. Whatever, have a great Friday and weekend. Look for more from here next week.

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