Summer: 2015

How could I be so remiss in posting a ‘blog’ these past few months? Being too busy is a weak, but my only, excuse. It’s already the middle of June and I’ve been back home in Minnesota for over a month. Late April in Naples just got too hot and humid for me so I packed up and headed north. Along the way I had a wonderful visit with friends, Peter and Sandy, in the Villages (north of Orlando). Quite a place! Two days later I pulled in front of 2808 Fifth West and my too-long abandoned girlfriend. Since returning, both Gail and I have been busy with catching up on everything–and getting green. We both love flower gardening and, when the weather permits, we toil in our little park behind the house–flowers and birds give me a needed sense of serenity.
When back in Hibbing I got right back to the novel–my tenth–that I had roughed out during my winter months in Florida. Rewriting has always been tedious stuff. But, with my new story, it has been almost inspiring. I really like it! The story, I mean. I’ve titled the story simply: ‘The Seal’. It’s another Father Mickey Moran ‘mystery’ (not a Sea World or San Francisco harbor seal story). Rather, it’s about the ‘seal’ of the confessional–both Mickey and I are Catholic. I think the story builds some tension from the start and has a rather surprising conclusion. At least I hope so. My friend, Rich Dinter, is the first reader and I’m awaiting his candid critique soon. Gail is editing as I go along with the rewriting process. Oh, I must mention, part of my inspiration is the success of my last novel. ‘The Last Moran’ has been selling quite well and the feedback has been very good.
And, there are other developments on the McGauley front. Daughter Shannon has finally been determined to be eligible for disability and social security benefits. She has a ‘new’ little boat now and goes fishing at every opportunity. My granddaughter, Cali, has finished a great freshman year at the U. and is taking classes this summer. Daughter Erin’s past many months have been very painful for me . . . and, even more so, for her. Her brief marriage failed and the divorce proceedings have been long and contentious. On a positive note, she has found a lovely home for her and Jack and Grace in a community near Jack’s school. I have every confidence that Erin will put the pieces of her life back together–I hope the same for her former husband. Two-year-old Grace, is a precious gift to both of them. Jack, like his cousin Cali, has done very well academically (and lettered in baseball this spring). He has a job at a new Asian restaurant and will be a sophomore in the fall.
Son Chris (Tiffer), and his wife Susan, also have a ‘new’ home in Cohasset, near Grand Rapids. Chris also has a new, and challenging, sales job with a northern Minnesota territory. I just had a wonderful visit with them and their three handsome and bright children: Braden, Noah, and Madeline. I am truly blessed!
Positive vibes for the summer. Flower garden never better. A few road trips planned. A few book-signing events. Optimism galore for my ‘Twins’. I had a ‘feeling’ this spring that they would put the recent past behind them and be a contending team. So far, I’m impressed–even after their five straight losses. Go Twins.
And, go I must, as well. Hopefully, I’ll get back to my blogging on a more regular basis. I am also hopeful that ‘The Seal’ will be published by fall–late October is my expectation. I conclude with a wish that all of you have a wonderful summer. God bless . . .

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