First, I want to announce the release of my new novel,’TEARS’,this week. Next I want to thank Kelly Grinsteinner of the Hibbing Daily Tribune for her wonderful story (Sunday’s issue of ‘Tailings’) about my new book. Actually, for the past several years, Kelly’s story has been THE ‘launching pad’ for every title–TEARS is my eleventh novel. Now as much as I’m inclined to post a powerful commercial/promo on ‘TEARS’ so you’ll feel almost compelled to rush to one of the sites I’ll mention later to make your purchase, there is something almost more important than telling you it’s a page-turning mystery to me. Over the years I have developed a devoted readership that might be in the thousands, yet many prominent ‘book-reader’ websites have no clue that I’ve ever written anything. My appeal is to any and all of you who have read one (or more) of my stories–including my children’s books–to give it a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and ‘Goodreads’ or any other site you can think of. Reviews are like intangible gold to an author. My distributor recently went out of business, like so many independent booksellers have done. making marketing more of a challenge than ever before. That is especially challenging when my advertising budget is zero. Please . . . every review (be it good or bad) is helpful. Thanks.
As I write this blog, I have only one outlet in Minnesota. I thank Patty Shafer, at the ‘Mulberry Bush’ in the Mesaba Makl in Hibbing for offering all of my titles in her fine shop. So, my first public sales will be at the Mulberry Bush this coming Thursday (10/27) and Friday (10/28) from 2:00–5:00 both days. On Saturday (10/29) I will be at the ‘Range of Temptations’ Craft Fair at the Range Center in Chisholm from 9:00–2:00.
Below are other events on my calendar:
-ADK Craft Fair (Hibbing Armory) Saturday (10/5) from 9:00–5:00
-Lyric Arts Center in downtown Virgina on Monday (10/7) at 6:30 (reading & signing)
-Homestead Center in Cook on Tuesday (10/8) at 1:00
-‘Northwooks Creations’ Craft Show (10/12). Timberlake Lodge in Grand Rapids: 9:00–3:00
-‘Meet and Greet’ at the Hibbing Public Library on Wed. (10/16) from 5:00-7:00
-‘Artisan Market Crafts’ at the Discovery Center in Chisholm on Saturday (10:00-4:00)
I’d be more than happy to have a book-signing/discussion in any other Iron Range venue on any other days prior to Thanksgiving–especially libraries and the East RAnge.
Finally, I want to thank all of my readers. You have been my inspiration over the years–the energy that keeps me going. But the going seems to be more time-consuming and tedious every year. As Kelly’s story suggested, I have one more story to tell. Just one! Somehow I want to revisit the earlier times of Hibbing and the Iron Range. An author’s first novel is always closest to his heart and the characters in all of my books have stemmed from that first story–To Bless or to Blame’. In one way or another, I’ll want to get my Father Mickey Moran and a retired teacher named Paul Martin involved for my ‘last hurrah’.
I hope to see you along the trail of upcoming events. Until then, God Bless. Oh, and ‘Go Vikings!’ this afternoon.

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