In my mother’s heart, Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday, and a day that her four sons and their growing families never missed. Our Hoyt Lakes home always was a special place for all of us. I think that Mom’s spirit rubbed off on me. In that I’ve been heading to Florida after the holiday for the past few years, it’s the last opportunity that Gail and I have to bring together my Minnesota family. Shannon and Cali come up from Shakopee, Chris, Susan and their three children: Braden, Noah, and Maddi come over from Cohasset. Both my mom and dad were very spiritual people and we always had much to be thankful for. As do all of the McGauleys. Praise the Lord for that tradition. My Christmases have been special, too. My youngest daughter, Erin and her two children (Jack and Grace) make that holiday and the New Year special for me as well.
This past month has been one of my busiest ever. With the publication of ‘TEARS’ in late October I’ve been doing events from McGregor to Cook and several stops in-between including Hibbing, Virginia, and Grand Rapids. My last event will be on Saturday at the ‘Artisan Market’ hosted by the Minnesota Discovery Center–regardless of weather! Some are predicting a blizzard with 10-15 inches of blowing snow starting late tonight and continuing through Friday. Northern Minnesotans welcome a good storm–plus, it’s the last weekend of the deer-hunting season.
In addition to family, friends, health, and companionship, I have so much to be thankful for. As busy as I’ve been lately, the experience has been humbling in a heartfelt way. I’ve encountered hundreds of people who have read (and/or purchased) ALL ten of my previous and were awaiting the new ‘Father Mickey’ mystery. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been writing and publishing for over the past fifteen years. These days it’s been even more challenging because my distributor went of business and so many indie bookstores have closed their doors in my primary reader’s area. (I’m told that every book sold up here is read by six others–family, friends, etc.–and all are available in the libraries–which makes my success even more gratifying). I really want to thank each and every one of you for that. You, my readers, are my inspiration to keep at it . . . at least for one more.
Finally, it is my sincere wish that each of you who read this blog have had much to be thankful for as we offer our own ‘thanksgivings’ in this November of 2016. God bless, safe travel, and good health . . .

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