The birds and the bees . . .

How catchy is ‘The birds and the bees . . .?’  kinda makes you bubble over with curiosity, doesn’t it?

Well, to be honest, I really don’t have a lot to say about what you think is coming, but I haven’t posted anything on this site in weeks.  So, here goes nothing.

Do you give a tinkers d— (this site is for all ages) about fish?  Not fishing walleyes or bass and such, but koi and goldfish?  I’ve added life to a pond in my back yard:  seven goldfish and two koi are making their home here.  I enjoy watching them dart about, then hide when they see that they are being watched.  The pond is surrounded by bee balm (flowers) and huge hydrangia and Java red weigela shrubs–just to mention a few of many species of flowers.  So, as you might imagine, the hum of  bees is always in the air. Harmless creatures, I think, the bumble bees are too busy pollenating to pay any attention to anybody hanging around spying on them as they flitter about the garden.  In the apple tree nearby, the wrens who lived in my ornate birdhouse these past many weeks have already hatched their brood and flown off somewhere.  I’ve enjoyed watching them and the robins who nest in my pine tree every summer, too.  And, since I put out a thistle feeder, the finches–yellow and purple–are abundant, too.  Thistle is to a finch as honey is to Pooh.   So, to say that my life in historic Hibbing, Minnesota is stimulating is an understatement of fact.  It’s here where I’m finally learning about the mystery surrounding the birds and the bees.  (And ants, butterflies, frogs, and mosquitos.)

Now that you’re completely engrossed in this posting, I could move along to the Twins, our major league affiliated and minor league staffed, pro baseball team; or, to the Vikings who are assembling their talent down in Mankato, and hoping to post more than four wins this season.  But–I won’t touch either topic on this blog.   Nor will I make a sales pitch for books available on this website.  Great books, great prices . . . and soon to be collector items.  Enough said.

Speaking of books.  I think that I’ve mentioned Doppelganger once or twice in my blogs. Well, I have been going through the FINAL rewrite.  Norma Grant’s edited copy of my manuscript has been getting my full and daily attention–when I’m not watching my blended family of fish, the birds, and  bees.

I have to be careful to not ‘overwrite’ as I enhance some of the characters and tweak some of the  story’s subplots, and keep an eye on the word-count.  I want to be somewhere between 85 and 95 thousand words without infusing drivel that doesn’t move the plot forward.  It’s a challenging task but I’m having fun doing it.  At my current pace, I expect to get the manuscript to the publishing house by mid-August.  That means that there will be a new McGauley book on the market sometime in September.  It’s like having a pregnant computer with an approximate due date–or, is that too much of a stretch?  My books, however, are like children to me . . . kinda . . . each one has some of its father’s characteristics and all are ‘genetically linked’, yet each has a  unique personality. and none is loved more than any other.  I think I may be going off the deep end.  Too much writing and too much imagination can do a great injustice to someone, like myself, who is certifiably sane.

Anyhow, I’ve just gone over 600 words, in the past few minutes.  (You can count them to see if I’ve tried to snow you.)  I’ll let go of this posting now.  My next blog will be some day next month when I’ve finished all my work on Doppelganger.

P.S.  I’m thinking of allowing my website followers an opportunity to advance order an autographed copy. Wouldn’t that be simply wonderful?

God bless’


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