The Good Trumps the Bad

As most of you probably know Hurricane Irma’s eye passed over Naples where I have my winter escape–a small mobilinium in a lovely park called Naples Land and Yacht Harbor. Our community is about three miles from the Gulf of Mexico and so very vulnerable. There was significant damage to my friends and neighbors–carports, roofs, siding, and more. I was lucky! I prayed hard and with confidence that I’d be able to have something to return to in December. My prayers were answered and I was spared damage. Praise the Lord! My daughter’s place, also in Naples, was spared of any major damage as well.
On another upbeat note, I am a HUGE Twins fan. Need I say more? Last night they came from behind (again) and beat the best team in baseball–the Cleveland Indians. Today it looks as if our beloved team will be winning the second wild card and move on to play the Yankees next Monday. I have the same feelings that I had back in 1987 . . . that year the Twins went on to become world champions. I can’t wait to see how the next few weeks play out.
Another thing that I can’t wait for. My next novel (and perhaps my last) was sent to the publisher yesterday. By the end of October TWELVE will be on the bookshelves. I always get a rush when a new story becomes a book. TWELVE is my twelfth novel. I might do some children’s stories this winter . . . unless the writing passion takes hold again.
My three children are all in ‘good’ health and doing well. My brother, David, however has just had major heart bypass surgery and his recovery is slower than we all hoped. Again I trust in prayers.
So, what’s so bad. I’m an old fool. Last week I was unable to access my aol email. Panic. I was expecting several important emails. So I googled AOL–the first technical support company that appeared. Stupid me. I agreed to an $89.00 service fee in order to clear up the problem. In addition, I was told that I must agree to a 3-year service contract for another $199. Worse, when asked for my social security # I gave it to them despite being very suspicious. Not only did I open myself to identity theft, I surrendered my screen and watched the scammer work on my computer. Realizing this just wasn’t right, I broke phone and computer contact and went immediately to Apple support (I have a MacBook). Their techs fixed my problem and told mt that I’d likely been scammed and to call my bank immediately. I did so but was too late My charge was already on the card and I was out the money. Now I am making an appeal to Visa. I will try to report the company to AOL and the Better Business Bureau.
So, when I put my folly into perspective I lost some money but . . . a lesson was learned.
A footnote. Two weeks ago I discovered a pigeon wandering below my bird feeders. I hate pigeons! And squirrels. But this one couldn’t fly. After days of watching the flightless bird and putting out seed and water, I became attached. By the past weekend, Peety was my dependent and no longer ran from me when I approached. The DNR advised that I put the bird out in the woods and let ‘nature take its course’. Instead, I called my daughter Shannon who is a wildlife preservationist. She drove from the Cities up to Hibbing to collect ‘Peety’ and took him to a friend who will find him a home. Peety, a young and outerwise healthy bird, will never fly but will have a life with other birds who have been disabled.
God takes care of his critters–great and small.
Have a glorious day my friends

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