the Hibbing Hurt

the Hibbing Hurt

In 1956, the ominous storm clouds of racial integration in the South seem far removed from the quiet streets of Hibbing, a remote mining community in northeastern Minnesota. Yet despite its relative isolation, an unimaginable traded happens here. A young black man disappears!

Hate should have been a conspicuous stranger in ethnically diverse Hibbing, but it was deep in the marrow of a local cop and his hooligan associates. Pack Moran must sort through clever deceptions and devious schemes in search of his missing boyhood friend.

the HIBBING HURT, Pat McGauley’s fourth novel, builds toward the inevitable confrontation between the forces of good and evil. Blending tragedy and treachery with romance and reconciliation, the HIBBING HURT evokes painful memories of a dark chapter in American history.

As in his ‘Mesabi Series’ novels, McGauley’s characters are masterfully crafted–from hard -nosed Pack Moran and lovely Maddie Loisele to perceptive village idiot ‘Sweep’ Bartz… with a Hibbing teenager named Bobby Zimmerman blended into the engrossing texture of a page-turning drama.

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