The ‘Luck of the Irish’ or . . . .

Is it the ‘luck of the Irish’ or . . . is the power of prayer? Whichever, the past week has been like getting a gorilla off my back. First, the sales of my new book–‘The Sons of Marella Windsong’ have been most encouraging and the word from my readers most positive. Next, my computer/website guru, Jeremy Hendrickson (with the files created by Renee Anderson) has put the new title on Kindle and Nook for those of you who are e-readers. I’m hoping to get ‘The Hibbing Hurt’–my top selling title– on Kindle, etc. soon.
In a previous blog I mentioned meeting best-selling author William Kent Krueger at a book event. Well, the last time I saw Kent I gave him a copy of ‘The Sons . . .’ and asked him to let me know what he thought of the story. He agreed and offered to give me a ‘cover blurb’ for my next publication. Would you believe he actually followed up on that! Here’s what he gave me for all and any future promotions: “Pat McGauley is an author who knows his territory, and knows how to write a compelling story. It would be difficult to find a more authentic literary voice coming out of Minnesota’s North Country.” To say that I was flattered by his endorsement is an enormous understatement.
When you’re on a roll things fall into place. For weeks I’ve been trying to interest an established book distribution company to open the door to Barnes and Noble stores across the country–and especially in the Twin Cities. That also happened this week! Partners Distribution of Holt, Michigan signed a contract with me and ordered five cases (and four titles) of my books. That means that I’m in the BN system and any of their stores can order these titles for their customers. I have written to all ten BN’s in the Cities Metro Area and encouraged them to order my books from Partners. Now–once again–I’m asking my friends on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and in my small email directory to help me out. If you and your friends and your relatives and coworkers and neighbors will go to the local bookstore and ask for any of these titles:
-The Sons Of Marella Windsong’
-A Passage of Redemption
-Saint Alban’s Day
-The Midnight Hour (a delightful children’s Christmas story)
I would be delighted . . . and you will be rewarded with a wonderful read. Guaranteed! I’d have to say that Kent Krueger was ‘spot on’ with his endorsement. Honestly, I’ve had great feedback on all of these as well as my seven previous books.
Now that many loose ends have been tied I’m eager to get back to writing my next story. I have a few vague ideas right now but with some ‘Irish luck’, and with more than a few prayers, I’m hopeful that the next story will be told. After Thanksgiving I’ll be off to Florida for a while. My last two books have been largely written down there. I keep a mental picture of ‘home’ (Hibbing and Minnesota) alive in my thoughts so while I’m away I can draw on a million mental pictures of the North Country. On my trip down I’ll make a Michigan stop and visit my son and his family–I’ve got three wonderful grandchildren there and Maddie will be having a 3rd Birthday party while I visit. Daughter Shannon will up in Hibbing for Thanksgiving and daughter Erin (and family) as always will be getting my place in Naples in fine order. Of my many blessings in this life, my family is my greatest treasure and my friends are the icing on the cake of life. As a footnote, one of my longest and dearest friends passed away last month. Those who knew Pat McNulty will miss him always.
My wishes to all of you for a blessed and bountiful Thanksgiving. God bless . . . Pat

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