The Sacred Seal

I just got off the phone with the store manager of the Duluth Barnes and Noble store. In past years I have had book signings in the Duluth store . . . but not this year! I am told that November is ‘filled’ with corporate events and the best the local store could do is something in February. If someone wants a copy of my new title, ‘The Sacred Seal’, I was assured that they can order it. This is also true of my last novel, ‘The Last Moran’, order only! These are corporate policies, not those of the local store: the local cannot make decisions on their own. That bothers me. What is ironic, however, is that my new story is set in Duluth. Further, I have been invited to present this title to the Duluth public library in November. I might suggest that you order the new title, and others, through Amazon.
Enough complaining.
I’m really optimistic about The Sacred Seal. It is a murder/mystery with several twists and turns. The cover blurb reads: ‘Good cop . . . bad cop . . .? Sometimes we can be utterly fooled. Adam Trygg is the rookie cop and Brenden Murphy the veteran. Together they must solve a gruesome murder in the perilous Hillside neighborhood of Duluth. Within the tensions of the story is a diverse cast of characters: a priest bound by the sacred seal of the confessional, a beautiful temptress name Holly, and-once again- the colorful and capricious Father Mickey Moran. As has happened many times before, the young priest finds himself in circumstances that challenge both his cleverness and resolve.’
As I contemplate my calendar for next month I realize that, so far, I haven’t made event arrangements in many locations.

To date I have the following:
*-Mulberry Bush (Hibbing Mesabi Mall) Tuesday, 10/27 . . .2:00-5:30
-ADK Craft Fair (Hibbing Armory) Saturday, 11/07 . . . 9:00-3:30
-Village Books (Central Sq. Mall-Grand Rapids) Sunday, 11/08 . . .11:00-1:00
-Eveleth Library: Tuesday, 11/10 . . . 5:00-7:30
-Eagan Barnes and Noble (Promenade Plaza) Saturday, 11/14 . . .1:00-3:00
-Aurora Library, Tuesday 11/17 . . . 6:00-7:30
-Duluth Library, Saturday 11/21 . . . 11:00-3:00

I gave the Mulberry Bush a * because it is the ONLY store in Minnesota that carries my complete works–all ten novels and three children’s books. Thanks Patty!
You might wonder about my event in Eagan. The Eagan store manager is a former Ranger so I have an ‘in’ with their store. Thanks Paul! I hope to add a few locations over the next few weeks and when I do I will Facebook them under ‘events’. Is anybody interested in opening a book store in Hibbing or Virginia?
Wherever you find ‘The Sacred Seal’ it is worth the price.
Now, if you want an author-signed copy of any of my books you can order them from me. For a copy of ‘The Sacred Seal’ send a check for $17.00 (postage S/H) to:

Pat McGauley
2808 Fifth Ave. West
Hibbing, MN 55746

Hope you can make one of my events, if not . . . God bless.

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