The Twins and me: been gone too long!

It’s not that I’ve been lazy and negligent with my new website, and it’s not that I’ve lost my enthusiasm–I’ve been writing! Yes, writing for hours every day and loving every minute of it.   That’s an exaggeration–‘loving’–feeling a sense of achievement is more accurate.  I’m only days away from a completed story; would you believe my seventh novel.  After a five year drought.  The working title is ‘Doppelganger’–a dead giveaway to one of the major themes.  I like it, next I’ll pass it on to some readers and see what they think.

Today is the birthday of John Steinbeck.  I’ve often been asked who my strongest literary influence has been.  Without a doubt, it’s Steinbeck.  I’ve read all his books and some more than once and have always been thoroughly impressed with his characters and his settings.  He’s quite good with words, too.  Some thirty years ago, his rather obscure novel, In Dubious Battle, was my first book selection as a founding father of the Greater Mesaba Men’s Book Club.  Let me be perfectly clear (who used that expression?) being influenced by a master like Steinbeck does not imply in any way that my writing is similar to his.  I do, however, find that I use many of the same words.

March arrives this week. I’ve been  down here in Naples nearly three month and have two more remaining.  I’ve missed a relatively mild Hibbing winter without regrets.  This week I plan to take the first of many trips up I-75 to Ft. Myers to watch my beloved Twins spring training workouts.  I actually prefer the workouts to the games but I’ll do a little of both in the weeks to come.  I am an optimist, always have been.  All the pundits are predicting another bad year and possible finish in the AL Central cellar.    Here are some predictions of my own:

-Joe Mauer will rebound from a miserable 2011.  Twenty HR’s and a 330 BA.

-Ben Revere will lead the AL in stolen bases and content for the Batting Championship.

-Josh Willingham will make us forget Michael Cuddyer, Ryan Doumit will do the same for Jason Kubel.

-Scott Baker will stay healthy, be an all-star, and win seventeen games.  Lots of K’s, too.

-Nick Blackburn will have a lights-out season as well.  Pavano will add twelve wins of his own.

-Parmalee, Benson, and Shawn Burroughs will have stellar seasons.

-Sadly, my favorite Twin of this era, Justin Morneau will probably call it quits.  Denard Span won’t quite get back in stride either.

-The Twins will win 85 games and place second to either KC or Cleveland.  Yes, I think the Tigers will flop.

There you have it!  I Promise not to neglect my blog site in the weeks to come.  I hope you will take advantage of the site to access the ‘links’ that are available.  You can check some, like the Minnesoata Almanac, daily.  I hope someone will light a fire under Ed Beckers who had promised weekly book reviews and, despite my gentle encouragement. has failed miserably.


  1. Tom TintorTom Tintor02-27-2012

    Pat, Pat, Pat…..
    I agree with many of your predictions for the Twinkies this season. I think Mauer will be back. I believe Morneau is going to retire-the last interview he had in the StarTribune sounds like he’s ready to call it quits. Ben Revere will contend for the stolen base title but will not hit for average. I see him a .270 at best. Parmalee, and Benson will have stellar careers – FOR ROCHESTER. Parmalee had some success last year but was playing against minor league call ups- he’s got some holes in his swing. Benson? His maturity level isn’t there yet. Has the tools possibly, but not mentally ready. For some reason I have a bad feeling about Danny Valencia this year. I hope he can regain what he had two years ago..but his glove is definitely suspect. I think KC is going to win the division- they were probably the best team in the AL Central the last 45 days of the season last year. I’ve always been a die hard Twins’ fan and hope they do well. This I do know- Ed Beckers still thinks Dave Goltz is going to be the opening day pitcher!

    • pmcgauleypmcgauley06-06-2012

      I came across this February comment–how prophetic! After 55 games your predictions are far better than mine. We both missed (so far) on Justin–I really pull for that guy! If we can reach .500 by the break, we might have a respectable season. What do you think of the draft? It’s always a crap-shoot, but I like some of the arms. Any predictions on the Vikes or T-Wolves? Thank God that Minnesota has the Lynx. Keep in touch.
      As all of Hibbing knows, Ed just had back surgery-don’t know if it made news in Sarasota yet.

  2. Pat DeLaPointePat DeLaPointe10-18-2019

    Just finished “Lester’s Gift”. I thoroughly enjoyed it and especially enjoyed the Hibbing scenes. I think this is one of your best books, But I did miss Father Moran!!
    You have a gift… which I hope you will keep giving us readers…your fans.

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