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Two things happened yesterday that are ‘blog-worthy’.  First, my new novel–‘A Passage of Redemption’–entered the cyber world of Kindle.  With great help from my computer guru (Jeremy), my story entered an international marketplace.  Can you imagine setting the price of a book for Kindle users in Shanghai?  To my future Chinese readers the book will cost 12, 220 Yuan, or $7.99 US–something like that.  In India and Spain and Greece and . . . we are dealing with Rupees and Euros and such.  Also, the book will reach a wider American market.  Honestly, I don’t have a Kindle or Nook or iPad . . . and I have no idea how this will work.  None-the-less, it is exciting to me.  I plan on adding a few more books in the next few weeks.  Which ones?, I’m not sure.  I’m thinking the trip preceding ‘Redemption’–The Hibbing Hurt, Flag, and Saint Alban’s Day–are likely candidates.

There is a down side to my new book that I must share with you.  TYPOS!  ‘Redemption’ is rife with typos; most of which are my impatience and carelessness . . . make that ALL of them.  I rushed through my final edit focusing on margins and story breaks and other insignificant aspects of the formatting.  You will note that in the previous paragraph the word ‘trip’ is spelled correctly but the ‘p’ should be an ‘o’–my spellcheck will not alert me so the edit can be accomplished.  Or, consider the sentence; ‘I have type this blog on my iMac’–yes, shoulda been typed.  I wanted a perfect book in every way, but like me (and you) perfection is an elusive ambition.  The beauty is in the striking cover and the heart-warming story–not in the matters of spelling and punctuation.  I must apologize to Norma and my other readers for being careless.  SORRY!

And, there is more to yesterday.  If you’re following this site you know that I’ve created a busy calendar for November because I’ll be leaving for a warmer place at the end of this month.  So, book events galore.  Last evening, I visited my old ‘stomping grounds’ of Hoyt Lakes (MN).  I had a book-signing at the local library.  It’s been a long, long time since I lived there and there are very few people that I still know remaining there.  I was given a very warm welcome and did visit with several ‘old’ friends–and, I did sell some books.  A wonderful time, thanks to Sue and the staff there.  While growing up there we had wonderful neighbors and two of them stopped by to remember old times.  H. is well on in years and sometimes a bit unsteady on his feet.  While admiring a table full of my treasured books, a full cup of coffee was dropped dead-center . . . a drone operator would have been proud.  Anyhow, books are wonderful at absorbing liquids . . . need I say more.  In the words of a great American philosopher, Forrest Gump?–“S— Happens!”  H. is, and always has been, a wonderful man.  I felt more sorry for him and his dear wife than I did for myself.

In the next few days I’ll have two events in Grand Rapids and a reading of my Christmas book at the ‘Children’s Hour’ at the Hibbing library.  Then, serious packing.  I always have mixed feelings about the drive of three long days.  This year, however, I’m going to spend a couple days in lovely Chattanooga where I’ll enjoy my son, Chris; his lovely and talented wife, Susan; and three of the neatest grandchildren in the world–Braden, Noah, and Madeline (after my blessed mother).  And when I arrive in Naples, I will have an opportunity to see my lovely daughter, Erin; her handsome son Jack (12), and Jim, my successful and 12 handicap son-in-law.  There’s more . . . much more.  Jim and Erin are expecting!  Yes, before I leave Florida for Hibbing in the spring there will be a new Otterbeck in the world.  I am super-excited!

I want to wish all of you a ‘Happy Thanksgiving’.  Mine will be graced with my friend Gail, daughter Shannon (from Shakopee) and my lovely and talented granddaughter, Cali.  Cali is an honor student and earned her first letter in cross country this fall. Please forgive me for claiming that my children and grandchildren are ‘handsome, bright, talented, and above average in every way–but, it is true.  Next blog will be from my second home, God bless you all.

Oh, get a good book for all of your friends this Christmas.  I think this website offers some good suggestions.


  1. Tom NolletTom Nollet11-16-2012

    Maybe perfection is elusive to you, Pat, but some of us are close.

    • pmcgauleypmcgauley11-16-2012

      I know, Tom. And I so aspire to be more like you. Thanks for responding–the perfect thing to do.

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