Let me be clear. I love to tell a story. For several years the story has become a book. A self-published book. The process is complicated and each year I find myself saying ” . . . I’ve had enough! Or, I’m tired of all this.”

In the past two weeks I’ve spoken to groups, had several book-signings, done a brief radio interview, been on TV, and will be on the road again tonight heading for Duluth to do another book event — this one at the Bookstore at Fitgers (from 6:00-7:30). Six more similar events remain in the weeks ahead.

I’m grateful to many people who helped me with ‘Lester’s Gift’ — reading, critiquing, editing, formatting, developing the PR necessary to get the word out. Good people. Friends of mine. Volunteering their help. Wanting me to succeed. I am blessed. Every time I sign a book for someone I feel a sense of reward for the time, energy, and work that went into creating something worth purchasing. I guess that is the ‘bottom line’. People, often strangers, are the reason I know I’ll do it all again — God willing!

Seven of my recent books have featured Father Mickey Moran. He is the fifth generation of a fictitious Hibbing family and the last to carry the Moran name. In ‘Waiting’, the last Mickey story, I left my protagonist in a sort of limbo. That needs to be resolved . . . but I’m not sure how just yet. And, I’ve enjoyed writing my cop story (‘Lester’s Gift’) and want to do some more Adam Trygg stuff. This combination of things waiting to be done means a 15th novel will be necessary. Adam won’t be as difficult as Mickey will be.

So, despite the reality that few will read this posting, as I get very little feedback from my readers, let me pose this question to any of you who have followed the Mickey/Mary dilemma. Here it is: ‘should Mickey leave the priesthood and marry the mother of his son and the love of his life’? Or, should he remain in the priesthood and honor his vows?

I am curious to see what you think. Of course Mickey will have to decide for himself . . . but? Let me assure you, once the story begins it belongs to Mickey. In all honesty, I feel as if I am a ‘medium’ through which my characters live their lives. I don’t control them. Sound surreal? It is. That’s what’s fun for me. Everything else — rewriting, editing, promoting, selling — are tedious and draining. But necessary. Fact: sales revenues are usually just enough to cover the next publication. For me, that’s ‘the writing life’.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank God for his gift of story-telling. So credit to Him who deserves it more than I do.

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  1. Tom NolletTom Nollet10-24-2019

    Of course Micky Moran should leave the priesthood and marry the love of his life. /getting married later in life can be a wonderful thing, and I should know that

    • pmcgauleypmcgauley03-10-2020

      Maybe he will, Tom. But then again . . .?

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