Strange title for my blog today. Hope your New Year is off to a wonderful start . . .mine is. I am in Florida which will make some of my readers jealous, but my heart is always in Hibbing. Yes, if you’re curious, I am writing another novel. I’ve decided to take a departure from my beloved Father Mickey this year but that doesn’t mean that he’s history–not by any means. God willing, of course. (The God willing is one of the reasons I go to Mass most mornings).
Anyhow, I’ve always enjoyed Mickey’s friends . . . Mario, Lucy, and others that have passed away; some tragically.
Adam is a Duluth cop with a Hibbing connection. Someone once asked me why most of my stories are set in Duluth. Well, that’s where I was born and it’s always been an attractively unique city to me. Anyhow, TRANSMISSION, is the ‘working title’ and it’s been sweeping me away for the past month. I’m tempted to elaborate but can’t do so yet. At the rate I’m going–three hours every morning–I should have a rough draft completed by the end of February. Then I’ll go back and do the first of several rewrites.
Company coming in February include daughter Shannon and best friend, Gail. I’ll take a break for both visits but should return home in April with a completed manuscript. I’d still like to find a literary agent who can get my books into a wider market. Last year my only book events were in Nashwaulk, Hibbing, Chisholm, and Virginia in November and sales were enough to cover my next publication. The sales of WAITING were/are remarkably good but I don’t, for some reason, get much feedback from readers. It would be nice if someone would post a review on Goodreads.
Not much else to say this afternoon. If you are picturing me lying on the beach every day and sipping Margaritas under the palm trees every night . . . wrong. I’ve done some biking and visiting. Grandson Jack is home for Christmas break and Erin and Grace are only twenty minutes away. Naples is ‘in season’ which means it’s crazy busy down here. Construction is going on everywhere and the traffic snarl is a nightmare. Almost everybody loves the sun in January, February, and March I guess. Myself included. And Gail keeps up the home fort on Fifth. I’m lucky to have her.
PS: Just learned that daughter Erin might need surgery . . . still waiting. Might be appendix. Keep her in your prayers. Til next time, God bless your 2019 with health and happiness.

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