After nearly twelve months my new novel TWELVE has been published. Now begins the most arduous journey in a book’s life–the marketing part. Sunday’s HIbbing Daily Tribune did a wonderful story on my new book and published a schedule of my book-signing events. Thanks to Kelly Grinsteinner for being my ‘launching pad’ once again. Jeremy Hendrickson, my website guru is in the process of updating my site (check so readers can follow my writing through my blog page. Tomorrow I begin the sales season at the Mulberry Bush in the Mesaba Mall with a book-signing from eleven to one and I’ll be there again on Friday from three until five. Patty Shafer’s shop is my sole outlet in Hibbing and carries all of my titles–all of which are autographed.
My biggest event of the calendar year is the Phi Delta Kappa Craft Fair at the Hibbing Armory. That event is on Saturday, November 4, from 9:00-3:00. Other events include:
Nov. 9th (Thurs) at the Hibbing Public Library from 2:00-3:00
Nov. 15th (Wed) at the Cook Public Library beginning at 5:00
Nov. 18th (Sat) at the Discovery Center’s Artisan Market (Chisholm) from 9:00 to 4:00
Nov. 20th (Mon) at the Virginia Public Library Auditorium from 11:00-1:00
Just a word about my new title. I have published a limited edition of TWELVE. Only 250 copies will be put out for sale. Perhaps I am finally becoming wearied by the what is consuming most of my retirement. Not the writing part however. I’ll continue that for sure . . . but everything that goes into the publication of a book–from copyrights, ISBN’s, barcodes, etc–the list goes on–is tedious. I’ll focus more on my blogging while working on my next story. Next story? I think I’ve written the last of the Father Mickey Moran stories. I can hardly believe that Mickey, and his travails, have been the genesis of my last seven books and someone I think about daily. I’ve left Mickey and his cast of supporting actors in a good place now, so my creative energy will be spent on someone and something new. That prospect is both exciting to me and even daunting. I haven’t done a children’s story in several years nor have I ventures beyond the familiar locals of Hibbing, Duluth, along with some flirtation with episodes in southwestern Florida where I spend the winter months.
I hope you’ll continue to follow me on this website where I’ll keep you abreast of what I’m up to. Maybe my blogging will venture in the realms of politics, religion, and economics. I’m a news junkie and my commentaries on our changing world may become a significant part of what I think and have to say. You can also follow me on facebook.
Lastly, my preliminary readers have told me that TWELVE is my best writing so far. I hope many of you will feel the same. Thanks to those of you who read (and purchase) my books–you have always been my inspiration. God bless . . .

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