With Sadness and Expectancy . . .

First, I am deeply saddened.  On Saturday past, a dear friend of mine was laid to rest after a valiant fight with an aggressive form of cancer.  Duane Schwartz was a creative and caring man, and an author like myself.  I am left with wonderful memories of our few times together–talking about writing in general and our books in particular.  My condolences are with Duane’s widow, Betty–the two of them had a marvelous relationship.  Also, my sympathies to the Schwartz children and their families.  We will miss you, Duane.  May God bless you with eternal life.  (On this website, Duane Schwartz has a link that you are able to access).

And, to balance my sadness, there is an air of expectancy as I look forward to the week, and weeks, ahead.  At the end of this week my new novel, ‘A Passage of Redemption’ will be released.  With publication begins a busy schedule of book-signings, readings, and related events. I’m very optimistic that the book will be well received by my readers, many of them have been waiting nearly five years for the next Moran story.  My seventh novel has a doppelganger twist and sweeps from frigid northern Minnesota to balmy southern Florida. Enough said!  My growing calendar for November already includes numerous events:

Tues:  Oct. 30 (2:00–4:00) Howard Street Booksellers . . . Hibbing

Fri: Nov. 2 (3:00–5:00) Hibbing Public Library

Mon: Nov. 5 (5:00–7:00) Eveleth Public Library

Thurs: Nov. 8 (                      Virginia Public Library

Sat. Nov. 10 (Noon–2:00)  Howard Street Booksellers . . . Hibbing

Tues. Nov. 13 (1:00–3:00) Irma’s Finland House . . . Virginia (My east Range outlet)

Wed. Nov. 14   KAXE Radio with Heidi Holtan

Tues. Nov. 15 (5:00–7:00) Hoyt Lakes Public Library

Sat. Nov. 17 (Noon–2:00)  Village Book Store . . . Grand Rapids

Mon. Nov. 19 (                  ) Grand Rapids Public Library  (Times pending.  I will give a presentation of early Iron Range immigration and mining.)

I hope to see you at any one of these events and personalize a book for you.  If you are reading this blogI’m quite certain that you realize what a cherished gift (Christmas or other) a book can be.

As of this writing, I continue to seek opportunities to read from and/or discuss ‘A Passage of Redemption’, and I remain open to scheduling any event that fits in the available time slots.  I will be off to Florida for the winter months where I hope to establish some new markets.  In the meantime, if you wish to order an autographed copy of any of my ten books you may order from this website or contact me at the address listed below.  To order the new book please send a check for $18.95 ($14.95 plud $4.00 S/H) to PJM Publishing:

PJM Publishing (Pat McGauley) ,2808 Fifth Ave. West, Hibbing, MN 55746 (218-262-3935 or 218-969-4212).  My Florida address will be published in December.

Lastly, I will have another posting soon.  Probably more commercial than personal.  I want to invite you to respond to this or any of my blog postings.  If you’ve read my books, I always enjoy a critique.  I have thick skin!  If you have any writing or author-related questions, I’d enjoy providing any insights I’ve picked up over the years.  I further invite you to check out the several links that this site offers.  On occasion I’m  asked–in one manner or another– “What’s the best book on writing that you’ve ever read?” My response might surprise you.  Check out ‘On Writing’ by Steven King–yes, that Steven King!  ‘Til next time, God bless.


  1. Linda DanielsonLinda Danielson10-23-2012

    So sorry to hear about your friend. It’s always hard to lose someone close to you. I’m so glad you guys went to see Pat McNulty that day and visited with him. Al said you had a great time. It was so busy at my house that weekend, we didn’t have a chance to visit much but I’m hoping to change that. Really looking forward to the new book. Sounds so good and I’m ready for a great read!! Talk to you and hope to see you before you head south.


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